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Description: "So, you're interested in being a Rogue? A wise choice! We Rogues are masters of stealth and secrecy. If you need a lock picked, a trap disarmed, or a foe backstabbed, you need a Rogue on your side. But you know, not everyone is cut out to join our little fraternity...if you truly wish to join us, you'll have to prove your worth first."

Location: Trainers


  • Mix it up!:
      • Description:

"The first thing any good rogue needs to master is poisons. Whether it be a specially treated blade, or a few drops added to a glass, the proper application of poison can end a fight almost before it begins. The next best thing to Eye of Newt when it comes to making poisons? is Marsh Lurker's Eyes. Bring me two of them!"

    • Rewards: 1000000 gold, 1000000 xp, 10000000 rep(if rogue equipped)
  • Shadow Skills:
      • Description:

"A rogue needs to be able to blend in with their environment. These techniques allow them to surprise their enemy and strike them down without alerting anyone to their presence. All Rogues learn their techniques imitating creatures in their wild state. go to the Graveyard and find me 6 Shadow Fossils to prove to me that you have studied the undead there."

    • Items required: Shadow Fossil x6
    • Rewards: 100 gold, 100 xp, 150 rep(if rogue equipped)
  • Evade and Counterstrike!:
      • Description:

"Excellent work so far! You have demonstrated an aptitude for poisons, and a mastery of the techniques of stealth. Your final task involves demonstrating your prowess with the tools of our trade. Rogues often rely on quickness of foot to evade any traps. Go to Guru Forest and face Wisteria. Bring me one of her tentacles if you survive!"

    • Rewards: 200 gold, 200 xp, 200 rep(if rogue equipped)
  • Shadow Hour:
      • Description:

"You have done well mastering the art of stealth, and have become a true shadow walker! However, you still have much to learn... and I know a perfect place for you to further your training. My sources tell me that a new evil has emerged in nearby Bludrut Keep; exploring its depths will provide you a perfect opportunity to practice your stealth and quickness as you confront this new threat. If you can return with 10 fire essences, I will know that you have truly honed the skills of your craft."

    • Items required: Fire essence x10
    • Rewards: 200 gold, 200 xp, 500 rep(if rogue equipped)
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