Mega-Goat is a monster in AdventureQuest Worlds.


The Mega-Goat is a large Chaos Goat that led the other Chaos Goats into storming the Love Goat with their rampage delaying any plans for a wedding cruise for J6 and Cinazool. Captain Stubbing had to call in the players to get rid of Mega-Goat and the Chaos Goats.


  • Location: Cruise
  • Level: 25
  • HP: 14,324
  • MP: 100


  • Chaos Kid
  • Cruise Captain
  • Jack's Violet Cruise Hat
  • Life Preserver Cape
  • Sailor Mate
  • Sailor's Cap
  • Sailoret's Cap
  • Treasure Chest
  • Violet Cruise Captain
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