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About Me: Hi guys, my name is Mazterskill1. Ive been playing for about two weeks already yet i haven't been upgraded since. So right now I'm just trying to make money so I could get some upgrades =]. Ummmm so yeah i have some other stuff to say but I'm too lazy to write it down...

Things I'm personally planing to do (when I get around to it): Level all my classes to at least rank 9.

Member Status: Free player. And planning to be member soon.

Current stats: (Last updated Mar. 1st 2009)


Level: 13


Rogue Class (Rank 5)

Ninja Class (Rank 9)

Rustbucket (Rank 5)

Healer Class (Rank 9)

Mage Class (Rank 1)

Warrior Class (Rank 5)

Barber Class (Rank 1)

Dragonslayer (Rank 4)

ProtoSartorium (Rank 1)

Enforcer Class (Rank 2)


Swordhaven Adept

Grand Inquisitor Armor

Newbie Armor

Blacksmith Apprentice

Imperial Plate Armor


Pink Cape

Dragon Wings

Grand Inquisitor's Cloak

Templar's Helm of Light

Love Hat

Steel Hawk Helm

Hockey Mask

Corrupted Armet


Krom's Conquest


Mace of the Grand Inquisitor

Hockey Stick

Piston-Driven Polearm

Burn it Down

Bejeweled Blade

Phoenix Blade

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