Archlord Maximillian Lionfang




Archlord of the Golden Onslaught
General of Swordhaven's Armies
Eleventh Lord of Order


Darius Lionfang, father
Xavier Lionfang, brother



Archlord Maximillian Lionfang was a general in the army of Swordhaven and the leader of the Golden Onslaught, a force of light under his command. He would later be Chaorrupted into the Eleventh Lord of Chaos, but was killed sometime prior to the summoning of the Queen of Monsters.


Maximillian Lionfang is an archlord who used to be one of King Alteon's greatest warriors. He and his younger brother Xavier Lionfang were raised by their father Darius Lionfang who served for many years as a knight under King Slugwrath before joining Sir Alteon's rebellion and becoming a key player in the overthrow of the tyrannical king. Darius raised his boys to believe that you should stand up to evil wherever you meet it. In the early years of King Alteon's reign, Maximillian and Xavier both signed up as recruits under the good king but Maximillian rose quickly through the ranks by making a name for himself as someone who could get things done.

Lionfang and his soldiers have purged a castle of a necromancer which he claimed was attacking the good soldiers. In truth, Lionfang attacked the necromancer that did nothing to King Alteon's soldiers. When King Alteon's Chaos infection gets worse, King Alteon sends the players to Lion's Keep at Thunderforge to speak to Lionfang about a weapon that would fight the Chaorruption caused by Drakath and the 13 Lords of Chaos which is located in Blackthorn Tomb after "interrogating" a Darkblood. When the player enters the tomb and finds the Darkblood Scroll to the relic after fighting past the Tomb Spiders, the Restless Undead, and the Bonefeeder Spider, the players give it to Lionfang who plans to use the information of the scroll to end the Great Truce by eliminating Gravelyn and her evil soldiers. The players try to stop Lionfang, but he manages to knock them down as he has the players tell King Alteon that he and his Golden Onslaught will come for him and those who still believe in the Great Truce.

Dissatisfied at the truce, he ended up kidnapping Artix, J6, Cysero, Galanoth, Robina, King Alteon, Princess Ai No Miko, Warlic, Beleen, Alina, Llussion, Zhoom, Robina, and Twilly for the purpose of forcing them to see his way of thinking. He even sent a letter to Gravelyn warning her that he'll be going after her next as he starts his Golden Onslaught campaign. He also mentioned in the letter that he had surrounded his castle with a Death Fog.

Gravelyn resolves that in order to get through the Death Fog, anyone who helps with the rescue mission will have to become undead. The players fight their way past the Golden Casters, Golden Warriors, and Golden Cavalries (whom were wearing Death Fog Protection Amulets) in order to get to Lionfang and dissolve the Death Fog with the help of Archlich Xollen. After neutralizing the Death Fog and finding the key to the dungeon, the players fight Lionfang as he rides his lion. Upon defeat, the players free his captives as the Golden Knight and Golden Caster are seen tied up conclude that the players were right about the Great Truce and that they should hand the Darkblood Scroll to the players. Lionfang then tells them not to believe it and frees them. Gravelyn tells the Golden Caster and Golden Warrior that anyone of Maximillian's army is welcomed to join up with her or King Alteon. When the player tells Maximillian that he will be taken to Swordhaven to be tried for his crimes against the Great Truce, he tries to attack Gravelyn with his whip only for King Alteon to block the attack. King Alteon tries to convince Maximillian to join up with them only for Maximillian to state that he wouldn't ally with evil and jumps out of his castle. After emerging from the moat of his castle, he is approached by Xing and Xang who convince him that the Great Truce "must be punished."

Lionfang resurfaces where he uses a magic snowglobe made by Garaja to trap the Spirit of Frostval when Maximillian Lionfang threatened to break all of Garaja's snowglobes. When the player and Blizzy find Lionfang in the golden ruins, he ends up burning the presents before the players fight him. Upon defeating Lionfang and his lion, they hand him over to King Alteon and Gravelyn. Lionfang's Chaotic side kicks in and he ends up kicking the snowglobe out of the player's hand where it breaks. However, the Frostval Spirit survives and restores the presents. The player resolves to have King Alteon and Gravelyn's forces help deliver the presents and Lionfang is remanded to Swordhaven's dungeon.

Following Lionfang's incarceration, Xavier started to believe his brother's beliefs on the truce and plans to usurp King Alteon with the help of some Traitor Knights. It was mentioned in later dialogue between the players, Alina, and Rolith that Maximillian has escaped from Swordhaven's dungeon.


While in Thunderforge, Lionfang is being chased by Gravelyn's soldiers until Xing and Xang call Maximilian to them and bring him to Drakath's lair. Drakath convinces Maximillian Lionfang that Chaos is neither good or evil. Drakath gives Maximillian Lionfang the power of Chaos to help him rid the world of all that is evil making him the 11th Lord of Chaos. Many months later at the Darkblood city of Falguard, Maximillian Lionfang is sporting Chaorrupted armor and riding a Chaos Manticore as he declares war on Falguard. The Hero arrive in Falguard to help Madra fight Chaonslaught Casters, Chaonslaught Warriors, and Chaonslaught Cavalries. The Hero and Madra find Lionfang with a Primarch as he demanded that the Primarch tell him where the Tears of the Mother are. The Primarch attempted to attack Lionfang only for him to subdue the Primarch and rip the information about the Tears of the Mother (which were tears shed by the Mother of All Monsters while she was still a human) being in the Death Pits from it's mind. Before teleporting away, Lionfang Chaorrupts the Primarch and unleashes it on the Hero. After defeating the Primarch and freeing it from the mind-control, the Primarch thanks the players for freeing it. The Primarch tells the Hero that the Chaorruption that Maximillian did to him is turning him to stone. The Primarch tells the players that the Tears of the Mother is the Darkblood's most holy relic and has the ability to remove Chaos once which can be used to cure King Alteon. As Madra becomes the new Primarch upon the previous one turning to stone, she sends the players to make sure that Lionfang fails in obtaining the Tears of the Mother.

Lionfang rode his Chaos Manticore to the Death Pits where he then fights the Deathwatch member Logash and kills him. The Hero meet Logash's ghost as he tells them to get to the Tears of the Mother before Lionfang does. The Hero fights Rotting Darkbloods, Ghastly Darkbloods, and Sundered Darkbloods. After the players defeated Wrathful Vestis, Maximillian Lionfang manages to grab the Tears of the Mother and teleports away. Logash points to a rock which hid the real Tears of the Mother. Before Logash disappears to the afterlife, he tells the players to use it wisely to either cure King Alteon or defeat Lionfang.

King Alteon is told about the cure and he tells the players to use it on Lionfang to cleanse him of Chaos. The players and Sir Valence track Lionfang to the Venom Vaults where a mad prince once had pet Manticores. Sir Valence states that Lionfang has been using his chaos energy to enhance his Chaos Manticore in order to hunt the Darkblood and Gravelyn's forces from the air. Sir Valence states that they must take down the Chaos Manticore before they can fight Lionfang. After defeating the Chaos Manticore, the players are grabbed by Lionfang who scolds the player for killing his pet which he raised since it was a cub. Sir Valence comes to the rescue and the players throws the vial containing the Tears of the Mother at him. Sir Valence shoots the vial only for the attack to be blocked by Lionfang. Lionfang decides to spare the players' life and teleports away while saying goodbye to the Chaos Manticore. Sir Valence tells the players that their plan is working as the players have placed a tracking rune on the Tears of the Mother so that they'll know where Lionfang is going to meet up with Drakath.

The players and Madra track Lionfang to the Storm Temple where Lionfang is going to be meeting with Drakath. When Drakath meets up with him, the players are unable to stop Lionfang from using the Tears of the Mother on Drakath. Lionfang ends up attacking the players in retaliation for the Tears of the Mother not working on Drakath. When the players defeat Lionfang, Drakath tells the players and Lionfang that the Tears of the Mother won't work on him since he was remade as an Avatar of Chaos due to his powers being from his master, the Mother of All Monsters who he will soon free. Due to the Tears of the Mother being used on Drakath, Lionfang's Storm Temple is coming apart and even removes the Chaos powers from Lionfang. As Lionfang states to sink through the clouds, the players escape from the Storm Temple as the players tell Madra that the rain infused with the Tears of the Mother will remove all the Chaos in Thunderforge making whatever was affected to be immune from further Chaos infection. Madra states that she and the Dreadwatch will look for Lionfang and prevent him from leaving Thunderforge.

Although his death was not shown, one of the requirements for freeing the Queen of Monsters was the deaths of all of the Lords of Order. While in the Mirror Realm, Drakath revives the good side of Maximillian Lionfang to fight the players.

Mirror Realm Maximillian Lionfang

In the Mirror Realm, he is known as Dark Lionfang. Formerly a general in the service of King Alteon the Imbalanced, Dark Lionfang is the leader of the Leaden Onslaught who left Alteon's service and began his own crusade against the forces of Good.



Maximillian Lionfang

Chaos Lord Lionfang

  • Location: Storm Temple
  • Level: 55
  • HP: 427,541
  • MP: 100
  • NOTE: Once in a while, Lionfang uses Curse of Chaos that applies DOT and he uses Essence Draining to stun the players. He is not immune to stun attacks. (Note these attacks have no effects on these classes Chaos Champion Prime, Chaos Slayer Berserker, Chaos Slayer Cleric, Chaos Slayer Mystic and Chaos Slayer Thief.)

Ultra Lionfang

  • Location: Ultra Lionfang (Location)
  • Level: 50
  • HP: 45,365
  • MP: 100
  • NOTE: Once in a while, Ultra Lionfang uses Curse of Chaos that applies DOT which can cause up to 999 damage and he uses Essence Draining to stun the players. He is not immune to stun attacks. (Note these attacks have no effects on these classes Chaos Champion Prime, Chaos Slayer Berserker, Chaos Slayer Cleric, Chaos Slayer Mystic and Chaos Slayer Thief.)


During Onslaught Tower

Lionfang War

Golden Ruins (Frostval)

Chaos Lord Lionfang

Ultra Lionfang


Chaos Lord Lionfang on a Chaos Manticore.

  • He is the ArchLord of the Golden Onslaught.
  • He is very irrational when it comes to Evil.
  • His tower once belonged to a necromancer, and has been shrouded by a mortal fog that will kill any living thing it touches. However, since you cannot kill what is already dead, undead can pass the fog without a problem. But it's strange, it can't kill the Golden Onslaught Knights. What's wrong here?
  • Its later revealed they use amulets that can protect them from the death fog.
  • He was willingly chaorrupted by Xing and Xang, and became the Eleventh Lord of Chaos.
  • A Chaorrupted Lionfang later appeared during the 2010 Frostval event where he abducted the Frostval Spirit along with the Frostval presents with a snow globe he took from Garaja's castle in his giant snow globe. With Garaja's help, the players and Blizzy found his new hideout in the Golden Ruins where he was revealed to be a hermit now because he doesn't trust anyone anymore. Lionfang burned the gifts and the players made him pay for it by defeating him. He was later arrested and brought to King Alteon and Gravelyn at Frostvale. Lionfang kicked the snow globe out of the player's hand and was sure that the Frostval Spirit would be destroyed when the snow globe smashed into a nearby rock, but ended up being surprised when he realized that she survived, and when she brought all the presents burned by him back, he kneeled in defeat. A good assumption was that after the event he was taken to Swordhaven and tried for crimes against the Great Truce just like the players said he would and afterwards thrown in the Swordhaven Castle Prison.
  • Maximillian Lionfang has a brother named Xavier Lionfang.
  • He is the second Chaos Lord to not use a weapon given as a gift from Drakath with the first being Kitsune.
  • He originally rides a lion when he is part of the Golden Onslaught but when he is a chaos lord he rides a Chaos Manticore.
  • He is the first Chaos Lord to have his Chaos Beast before the saga.       
  • His Chaos Lord appearance is similar to some depictions of Heracles with the Nemean lion's head serving as his headgear.
  • He is the first Swordhaven Chaos Lord, with King Alteon being the second and the Good Hero being the third.
  • Maximillian Lionfang is the only Chaos Lord to raise his Chaos Beast off-screen.
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