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Maloth is a monster in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Maloth is a darkness dragon who is the Dragon of Envy and one of the 7 Deadly Dragons. He is said to have coverted the legendary Dragon Crown in which any dragon who possesses it becomes the King of All Dragons. This has caused each of the known dragons to compete for the honor to claim the Dragon Crown which caused damages to the countryside. Maloth is served by Argo, Ukki, Kagan, Golgar, and an army of Castle Guards, Nervous Serfs, and Scroll Keepers.

The players and Galanoth come across this plot following the deaths of Glutus, Valsarian, Goregold, and Phlegnn and the escape of Lascivia. They meet up with Mariel where they work to keep the angry villagers from retaliating. With help from the Drakel Riddug, the players go up against Maloth's would-be competitors Torgat of the Red Dragons, Fressa of the Ice Dragons, Radroth of the Undead Dragons, Nizex of the Water Dragons, Tathu of the Wind Dragons, Lanshen of Yokai Island's Dragons, Ashax of the Green Dragons, Letori of the Faerie Dragons, Nayzol of the Chaos Dragons, and Zathas of the Void Dragons. Upon defeating the Dragon Champions, the players tell the Dragon Champions that their civil war was destroying the valley and that they have a plan to make sure Maloth isn't the King of All Dragons.

The players, Galanoth, and Mariel enter Maloth's castle upon defeating Argo where they fight past Maloth's champions and army. Upon confronting Maloth, he states that he has been watching them fight in the valley as he fills the entire room with darkness. When Mariel fills the area with light, the players fight Maloth. Upon the players and Galanoth defeating Maloth, Galanoth states that Maloth's hunger for power disgusts even the dragons. As Mariel grabs the crown, Maloth blasts her off the balcony with his dark flame breath. A white dragon then flies into the room and traps Maloth in a cage of white energy regressing back to Mariel who reveals that she is a Creatioux which reminds the players of their Creatioux ally Elucidas. On the balcony, Mariel breaks the Dragon Crown revealing it to be a fake as she comments that dragons aren't meant to have a single ruler. Upon assuming her Creatioux form and flying off the balcony, the players and Galanoth flee from the castle as the dragons attack Maloth offscreen. Galanoth hopes that Maloth's fate will serve as a warning to all who try any similar tricks that Maloth had done.


  • Location: Maloth
  • Level: 65
  • HP: 133,881
  • MP: 100


  • Dual Prince of Dragon's Blade
  • Envious Dragonoid
  • Key of Envy
  • Prince of Dragons
  • Prince of Dragon's Armet
  • Prince of Dragon's Blade
  • Prince of Dragon's Faceplate
  • Prince of Dragon's Horned Armet
  • Prince of Dragon's Shield and Blade
  • Prince of Dragon's Sheathed Blade
  • Prince of Dragon's Wings
  • Treasure Chest