Malgor is a villain in AdventureQuest Worlds


Malgor is a Shadowlord. He first appeared during the Alliances' fight with the Queen of Monsters' forces. He turned some militia members into his own soldiers. Upon arrival outside the Queen of Monsters' castle, the players run into Malgor. Despite the players' efforts, Malgor is now on the Queen of Monsters' throne as he holds up her head claiming that the players killed her. Malgor even stated that the Queen of Monsters is not his queen. He wants to use the players to help him stop a threat that is worse than him. Malgor's minion Shadow Knight Gar comes in stating that the Warfury's forces are attacking. This leads to the players being saved by Varga: Goddess of War. The players had to fight their way past his army of Shadow Gunners, Shadow Imps, Shadow Locusts, and Shadow Mages in order to reach the portal to the Timestream. After getting past the Portal Guards, the players and Varga enter the Timestream where the players are trained in using their powers as The Eternal Dragon of Time. Malgor had sent Shadow Knight Gar after them to keep the players from getting away. Shadow Knight Gar yields as the players send him back to Malgor.

Varga states that they will need to gather allies across time, space, and both. When they start with the pirate queen Teja, one of Malgor's minions First Mate Bloodbone was there as Teja states that Malgor gave her a new crew after the Queen of Monsters' struck down her original crew. When Teja sides with the players, First Mate Bloodbone steals her crystal eye. After First Mate Bloodbone is defeated and Teja sides with the players and Varga, Malgor and Shadow Knight Gar arrive where they learn that Teja sided with the players.

Displeased at the resistance of the armies of Varga, Swordhaven, Shadowfall, and Yokai Island, Malgor sends his army of Shadow Dragonlords, Shadowflame Dragons, Shadow Wyverns, and Mutant Shadow Dragons to Arcangove to take over the ley lines while telling Shadow Knight Gar that he needs him elsewhere. The army led by the Titan Shadow Dragonlord captured the inhabitants and demanded they tell them how to access the ley lines. After the players, Galanoth, and Warlic defeat the Titan Shadow Dragonlord and his dragon Titan, the rest of the Shadow Dragonlords retreat. As Galanoth and Warlic plan to stay in Arcangrove just in case the Shadowflame Army returns, Malgor hears from the surviving Shadow Dragonlords about the players' victory over his army in Arcangrove. When Shadow Knight Gar states that the players will pay for this, Malgor states to Shadow Knight Gar that he'll have his chance soon.

Malgor then tries to get to the lei lines of Yokai Island by swaying Mahou the Spirit Mage while taking advantage of his anguish. The players thwart this plan and gain Mahou as their latest ally.

Malgor contacted Dage the Evil about an alliance. Dage the Evil declines stating that he saw what happened when his future counterpart destroyed Lore in a possible future. This caused Malgor to sway Dage the Evil's strategist Underfiend to his side where the players had to fight the Shadows, Creeping Shadows, and Legion Defectors. Then the players defeated Underfiend. Before being killed by Dage the Evil, Underfiend states that familiar faces are taking part in this war. Malgor next cut a deal with Nulgath to retake the Underworld with an army of Shadow Makai, Shadow Voids, and Shadowblades. When the players defeat Shadowflame Nulgath enough to regress him back to Nulgath, he saw that Malgor plans to bring about his peace by also destroying the Underworld and the Void. This causes Dage the Evil and Nulgath to put aside their differences for now in order to deal with Malgor's forces.

Malgor later approached Drakath with the offer to restore his Chaos powers by giving him the recreated Chaos Amulet. Unfortunately, Drakath didn't see eye to eye with Malgor's plan causing Malgor to send his army to invade Crownsreach. When the players defeat Goldun, Drakath confronts Malgor wanting to take up his offer only for Xing to sell him out. This causes Malgor to retreat with Xing. With the Chaos Amulet in his possession, Malgor needed to find a worthy wielder. He doesn't trust Xing with it and Shadow Knight Gar has failed him too many times. This leads to Malgor recruiting the Merdraconian pirate Captain Laguna to wield the Chaos Amulet.


Level 99

  • Location: Malgor (location)
  • Level: 99
  • HP: 406,703
  • MP: 100

NOTE: This version of Malgor is unkillable and can't be fought again after completing the "Defeat Malgor" quest.


Level 99

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