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Lolosia is a location in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Lolosia is the official docking pier of Lore's pirates.

Lolosia was the site of a war between the pirates and the navy until the Mysterious Aquamancer orchestrated events that ended it in a draw.

Known inhabitants


  • Barnaby - High Sea Helm Seller
  • Captain Rhubarb - Pirate Captain
  • Elissa Keelhaul - Pirate Wench
  • Esprit d'Cour - Naval Commander
  • Lucia - Aspiring Treasure Hunter
  • Preen - Piratical Pet Vendor
  • Rakham - Pirate Smuggler
  • Thalyssa - Emissary from Delta V



How to Access

  • Map of Lore
  • Type /join pirates


  • While Elissa Keelhaul's boat was the initial location, later releases expanded the map to contain other locations like Capt. Beard's ship, the boat to Fotia, and other locations.