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Chaos Lord Ledgermayne

Ledgermayne is the seventh of the 13 Lords of Chaos.


Ledgermayne was originally a mass of mana floating in the Para-Elemental Plane of Magic before Drakath's Chaos magic turned it into what it is today. Ledgermayne then saw to it that it itself was behind the problems with magic and the magi's loss of their handle on the forces of nature, starting with causing what started as a small quiver in the magi's abilities to become an earthquake.

Later, Ledgermayne prevented the players from entering the portal to the para-elemental plane of magic and closed the portal. The players then had to go to the Cloister, save it from Ledgermayne's minions, and reconnect it to the portal - which bought it and Drakath enough time to prepare the Mana Golem. At first, Ledgermayne refused to let the players enter its realm, but Drakath threatened to return it to its original state unless it complied with his commands, which it agreed to do.

Ledgermayne managed to use its magical abilities to control the Seed Spitters, Gorillaphants, Acornents, Karasus, Swamp Frogdrakes, Swamp Lurkers, Anglerfish, Merdraconians, Earth Elementals, Water Elementals, Wind Elementals, Fire Elementals, Volcanic Maggots, Scoria Serpents, Living Fires, Mana Imps, and Mana Falcons to serve it. Its henchman is the Wendigo.

Later, it was revealed that Rayst, the master of the Arcangrove Tower of Magic, had been studying the magical energies left behind after Ledgermayne's visit. Knowing that any known weapon or magic won't be able to harm it, Rayst told the players that they had to find and reassemble all four pieces of the Supreme Arcane Staff (a magical item that could bend magical energies back on themselves and was so dangerous it was forced to be split into four different parts) in different locations throughout Arcangrove.

The heroes start with Mudluk Village where the first piece, the Rod of Defiance, is guarded by the Tiger Leech. The staff was the players' only hope of stopping a creature made of living magic. As the players did so, Drakath commented that the pieces of the staff were no threat to his plans and that even with Rayst's help they would never be able to assemble all four pieces. Ledgermayne pointed out that Drakath was overconfident and that his overconfidence could be his fatal flaw. Knowing Drakath's plan would fail, it decided to take matters into its own hands. Drakath attempted to punish Ledgermayne with a blast of his Chaos magic, but Ledgermayne canceled out his attack just as soon as he started charging it up. Ledgermayne told him that he would not be allowed to harm it. It explained that it was not one of Drakath's Chaos Lord puppets whom he had gifted with Chaos magic - it was self-aware living magic. Even Drakath's Chaos magic was still just magic which Ledgermayne could control. Not feeling like destroying Drakath and yet still having no further use for him, Ledgermayne told him to stay out of its way and left leaving Drakath behind.

The second piece of the Supreme Arcane Staff was the Runes of Riparian which was found in the Natatorium within Arcangrove Loch and guarded by Nessie. Ledgermayne's magical influence has caused the Merdraconians and Nessie to become hostile. After the players defeated Nessie and claimed the Runes of Riparian, they were chased to the surface of Arcangrove Loch by Nessie only for Drakath to pull Nessie back and defeat it. The players were unaware that Drakath had saved them.

The heroes head to Great Gilead to obtain the Wraps of Gilead which is the third piece of the Supreme Arcane Staff. After besting it's guardian Mana Elemental, the players obtain the Wraps of Gilead. Just then, Ledgermayne arrives stating that it is not Drakath's puppet anymore. Ledgermayne states that it will permanently close off the portal to the para-elemental plane of magic to starve off all of Lore. Ledgermayne warns the heroes that they will never complete the Supreme Arcane Staff and leaves.

The last piece of the Supreme Arcane Staff was hidden in the heart of Mount Mafic where it was guarded by the Mafic Dragon. After defeating the Mafic Dragon, just when the players were about to claim the last piece, the Chaos Focus Gem, Ledgermayne snatched it from right under their noses and crushed it into little pieces in the palm of its hand, afterwards telling the players to give up, go back to the tower, and watch the Para-Elemental Plane of Magic be sealed off from Lore and therefore Lore become devoid of life before leaving. But the players refused to give up and collected the pieces of the Chaos Focus Gem out of belief that it had to be enough to stop Ledgermayne.

When the players catch up to Ledgermayne on the Para-Elemental Plane of Magic, it unleashes the Mana Golem to feed off the mana. After the players defeat the Mana Golem, Ledgermayne appears telling them that they were foolish to interfere with its plans. The players inform Ledgermayne that the destruction of the Chaos Focus Gem left behind shards. Ledgermayne states that the players must be dealt with as they challenge Ledgermayne to a fight.

When the players defeats Ledgermayne, they use the Supreme Arcane Staff in an attempt to finish it off. When the Supreme Arcane Staff doesn't break Ledgermayne apart, Drakath appears and uses his magic replacing the shattered Chaos Focus Gem combined with the Supreme Arcane Staff to convert Ledgermayne back into the raw mana that it was made from. Drakath then tells the player that nobody disobeys him and that Ledgermayne learned that the hard way. Drakath then leaves stating that the player has already "helped him" with his plans and still has other roles to fulfill in them.

While in the Chaos Realm, Drakath revived the chaos side of Ledgermayne to fight the players.

Mirror Realm Ledgermayne

In the Mirror Realm, Ledgermayne is a member of the Lords of Order.


  • Location: Para-Elemental Plane of Magic
  • Level: 35
  • HP: 42,239
  • MP: 100

Notes: Every once in a while, Ledgermayne will stop to charge up a powerful attack. When that happens, enter the glowing safe zones to avoid massive damage from the attack. The safe zones can heal you if you're in them. After the attack hit, you can attack it again. It is also immune to stun attacks.


  • Academic Acoutrements -- Member Only --
  • Armored Astral Morph -- Member Only --
  • Astral Entity -- Member Only --
  • Astral Runes -- Member Only --
  • Astral Stingers -- Member Only --
  • Atomosian Armaments -- Member Only --
  • Blades of Corruption
  • Claws of the Astral (AC)
  • Dark Wizard's Disparage
  • Fragmented Astral Helm
  • Ledge Head
  • Ledgermayne Armor -- Member Only --
  • Radiant Ledgesword
  • The Supreme Arcane Staff
  • Wizard's Blessing --member only--


  • Ledgermayne is the first genderless Chaos Lord. That's because it was created from a mass of mana in the para-elemental plane of magic and it refers to itself as "this form" instead of the usual "I" or "me". It also uses "our" instead of "my", "we" instead of "I", and "us" instead of "me" as well. Ledgermayne is so far the first Chaos Lord to rebel against Drakath.
  • Ledgermayne resembles a plant-like version of Mysterio, an enemy of Spider-Man.
  • Its name is a pun on Ledgermain, a word used to describe magic shows.
  • Ledgermayne's animations are somewhat similar to Discordia's, and it also has his legs underneath its skirt. When defeated, it also gets Discordia's screaming face shortly before exploding. This is the first Chaos Lord to be built on his animations, the second two being Tibicenas and Ultra-Tibicenas.