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Laken's full-armored appearance.

Laken is a monster in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Laken is a monster who is the mad scientist of Dage the Evil and works for his Undead Legion. He was first seen in full-armored form during Dage the Evil's civil war against Nulgath.

Laken later disposes of Adventus and infiltrates the Seraphic Paladins on Dage the Evil's behalf while claiming to have defected. He even enlisted J6 to help the Order of the Seraphic Paladins.

Laken later gave J6 a present-shaped laser which he uses to destroy the chains on Envy's Queen of Envy form.

As Ada mourns Darkon's death, the players learn about Laken's backstory where he was from 1,000 years in the future where he worked for Dage the Evil's Undead Legion in fighting Nulgath's army. Laken had found a young Ada as a prisoner of Dr. Eisenbacke during a raid on his secret laboratory. After Dr. Eisenbacke's defeat, he took in Ada and was advised to go back in time to the past to help that time period's Dage the Evil. Despite the warnings of the Undead Legion's oracle, Laken took Ada with him where the changes they made in the past make them unable to return to their own time.

Laken makes preparations to make a portal that will take him and the players to the World Soul somewhere in the Underworld. To weaponize the Dark Shard, the players had to obtain stolen parts from the Dwakel Infiltrators, Divine Water from the Divine Water Elementals, Divine Fire from the Divine Fire Elementals, Iron Lightblades from the Skeletal Squatters, and get the Plutonium core out of the Radioactive Hydra. After that was done, the players and Laken enter the Underworld area that is close to the World Soul where they fight the Legion Dreadmarch and the Legion Shadowpriests. When the players defeat the Core Guardian, Dage the Evil arrives with his soldiers where he seeks to take the Dark Shard from Laken and not go down a dark path. This drives Laken insane as he plots to lead the Seraphic Paladins into attacking. A war breaks out between the Undead Legion and the Seraphic Paladins. When the players defeat Ada, they face off against Laken in the form of Supercharge Laken. The war event shows two different endings:

When the players defeat Laken, Dage the Evil claims the weaponized Dark Shard. Ada goes to Laken's side as he declines being healed since most of him is already gone. Before dying, he tells Ada to remember what he taught her. After Laken dies and his soul splits into two before disappearing, Ada vows to have revenge on the players and Dage the Evil.

After Laken was badly wounded, Ada cuts a a deal with Rayce to save his life. Rayce does that by exchanging Ada's soul for Laken's soul which results in Ada dying and Laken being healed. Laken blames the players and Dage the Evil for her death. After leaving the weaponized Dark Shard for the players while planning revenge, Dage the Evil claims the weaponized Dark Shard and claims that Nulgath no longer has power over him.

Alternate future

A full-armored Laken from an alternate future arrives in the present and enlists the players and Dage the Evil into helping him in the alternate future where Future Dage has reunited his soul, eliminated Nulgath, and taken over all of Lore wih his army of undead soldiers who have cybernetics grafted to them. The players and Dage the Evil help Laken fight SF3017 Blades, SF3017 Gunners, UW3017 Blasters, and UW3017 Gunners. After infiltrating the bunker and claiming the souls to the portal from Commander Agravh, Commander Uslaw, Commander Ozar, and Commander Pavon, Dage the Evil uses them to activate the portal in order to take them to Future Dage's Legion Dreadnought. After the players defeat the Legionator, Dage the Evil absorbs it's soul. Future Dage finds out about what happen and sends his army of SF3017 Paragonators and SF3017 ProtoBlasters led by SF3017 Shogun. After besting SPF3017, the players and Dage the Evil fight Future Dage. Afterwards, Laken and Dage the Evil seal Future Dage's soul into Future Dage's sword.

Mirror Realm

In the Mirror Realm, Laken is known as Laken the Good.



  • Location: Evil War Nulgath, Underworld
  • Level: 35
  • HP: 19,315
  • MP: 100

Supercharged Laken

  • Location: Seraphic War Dage
  • Level: 75
  • HP: 111,498
  • MP: 100



  • Archfiend's Favor
  • Genesis Hood of Revontheus
  • King Klunk's Crown
  • Nulgath's Approval

Supercharged Laken

  • #1 Seraph Fan
  • Mask of Laken
  • Seraphic Paladin Bladed Wings
  • Seraphic Paladin Blades
  • Seraphic Paladin Shield
  • Seraphic Paladin Wings (Cape)
  • Seraphic Paladin Wings (Misc)
  • Treasure Chest


  • When Laken's NPC is encountered in the Underworld, he is listed as "The Stranger."
  • Supercharged Laken is a partially-redesigned version of Laken the Good.