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Chaos Lord Kitsune

Kitsune before becoming a Lord of Chaos.

Kitsune is the third Lord of Chaos. He wields the Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade.


Kitsune is shown as an anthropomorphic fox who once helped Emperor Daisho protect Yokai Island from invaders. When Emperor Daisho started welcoming outsiders to Yokai Island, his desire to not have outsiders on Yokai Island led Drakath into Chaorrupting him into an armored Yokai Shogun.

Kitsune rallied the Kappa Ninjas, Ninja Nopperabos, Samurai Nopperabos, Tanukis, Tsukumo-gamis, and Funa-Yureis to join his cause into claiming Yokai Island for the Yokai. His henchmen are Dai Tengu, SoulTaker, Onibaba, Nure Onna, and Neko Mata. He used his ability to brainwash Emperor Daisho causing his daughter Princess Ai No Miko to hold a tournament in order to find a champion to fight Kitsune. During the tournament, Kitsune eventually arrived and stole the Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade from Princess Miko.

After the hero visits the Yokai Shrines, he/she confronts Kitsune who uses the Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade to release the O-Dokuro from the Rift of Time.

After defeating O-Dokuro and an army of Yokai, the hero confronts Kitsune and managed to defeat him as well as reclaim the Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade. When Kitsune refuses to admit defeat, he charges the hero until they unknowingly opened a rift which sucked Kitsune into the Yokai World and then closed the rift up.

While in the Chaos Realm, Drakath revived the Chaos form of Kitsune to fight the players.

Mirror Realm Kitsune

In the Mirror Realm, Kitsune is a member of Drakath's Lords of Order.


  • Location: Kitsune
  • Level 20
  • HP: 22,536
  • MP: 100

NOTE: During battle, Kitsune will shapeshift into a 7-tailed fox which is invulnerable to attacks. Kitsune is also immune to stun attacks.



  • It is ironic that Kitsune is the Fourth Lord of Chaos. In Japanese and Chinese superstitions, the number 4 is said to be unlucky, owing to the fact that the word 'four' sounds almost exactly the same as 'death' in both languages.
  • Unlike the masters of brute force Vath & Escherion, Kitsune used trickery and lies to fulfill his role - summoning the next Beast of Chaos.
  • He first appeared in warpirate, though he was depicted as watching the Hero's actions aboard the pirate ship through a magical orb of farsight. His first full appearance occurs after Ai No Miko shows the Hero the Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade. He appears in a full chaos outfit as the Chaos Shogun.
  • Behind his mask is actually the visage fox (showing his ears in silhouette at the cutscene but not showing his true form), as implied by his name. Kitsune means 'Fox' in Japanese.
  • His outfit looks similar to Shredder, the main villain of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (This armor was probably inspired by the Shredder's armor because of the ninja, and as stated in one of the Design Note posts, Artix likes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.)
  • His morph is Alpha Male Fox Morph. And his outfit before was Youkono.
  • He won't drop his red oni (literally means demon) mask which Mod Ddog has it.
  • The Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade could be a possible reference to the Masamune Blade, as the creator of the Hazamune Blade, Hazamune, was said to be a legendary swordsmaker of great skill. Masamune was a real swordsmaker whose swords were so beautiful that one of them became a national treasure of Japan in 1942.
  • His Lords of Order version in the Mirror Realm, which appeared during AQWorlds 2nd Birthday Event, is a non-chaorrupted version of himself wearing a blue cape, helmet, and armor with gold/yellow rims/linings. His faceplate is removed revealing his non-chaorrupted fox face, on his belt is golden Japanese writing instead of a Chaorrupted Yokai skull, the blades on his shoulder pads are non-chaorrupted, and the gem on his helmet's crest is red instead of purple. The blades on his arm and leg guards are removed, save for the ones on the edges of his arm guards over his hands.