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Kimberly Freeman

Kimberly Freeman is the lead singer of the One-Eyed Doll band and the true sixth of the 13 Lords of Chaos.


Kimberly appeared volunteering to help the players raid Discordia's house in order to get to Discordia after they failed to stop the Music Pirates from reaching Lorestockapalooza. After Discordia was defeated, Kimberly's true colors were revealed - she was the real sixth Lord of Chaos all along, having manipulated Discordia all that time to fool everyone into thinking that Discordia himself was the Chaos Lord. After fighting a group of Music Pirates, Kimberly opened up a time portal and sent the players back in time to face her Chaos Beast Pony Gary Yellow. The players defeated Pony Gary Yellow to Kimberly's dismay. Nevertheless, Kimberly decided that the show must go on.

Kimberly then lifted the stage into the sky with her music and the players hitched a ride and fought the drummer Junior, the bassist Mr. Socks, and finally Kimberly herself. After all three were defeated, it was revealed that Kimberly had had a Chaos tune stuck in her head that Drakath sang to her that was controlling her actions. Kimberly managed to get the Chaos tune out of her head, and as thanks to the players for "fixing her head", she allowed them to perform on her stage with her and her bandmates. The players then received a backstage pass which would allow them access to the backstage to interview the One-Eyed Doll band.

Kimberly return during the Friday, August 13th, 2010 event alongside Voltaire and special guest George Lowe. A ghost story revolved around the players coming to her aid when the Brain Slurpers invaded Battleon and took over the minds of everyone.

Kimberly's most recent appearance was during the Mogloween War where Vampire Lord Incubus attempted to form a mist-link between the towns of Mystcroft and Battleon and claim them both for himself. Kimberly not only cheered the players on as they fought their way past many Vampire Ghouls, Vampire Bats, and Hemogoblins and fought against Incubus to stop him, but also allowed the players tickets to see her music video for her latest single "You're a Vampire".

Later, Kimberly received an invite from Cysero to the Pandinus Insane Asylum and she and her band set off for the Asylum. Little did they know, that they had received a fake invite and were trapped in the Asylum. It turned out the invite was sent by Dr. De'Sawed, a mad scientist who invited people from different parts of the world to the Asylum so he could torture them and break their minds in half to unlock the power of the mind and bring nightmares to life. The band was attacked by Scorpion Priests and Kimberly was imprisoned within the catacombs beneath the Asylum. The players and Cysero freed Kimberly and they went to confront Dr. De'Sawed, who had become one of his own creations. Since De'Sawed was now a nightmare, he couldn't actually be destroyed, but he could be contained, as the players figured out. Kimberly played her guitar so loud that the sound caused the catacombs to crumble on De'Sawed. Just when the group managed to get away and finally get out of the Asylum, however, De'Sawed came back and attacked them again, forcing the players to fight him again. Kimberly then played her guitar loud again causing De'Sawed to fall back into the catacombs, and the group decided to leave him there as they left the Asylum afterwards.

While in the Chaos Realm, Drakath revives the chaos side of Kimberly Freeman to fight the players.

Kimberly Freeman is among the characters that are invited to Count Maxius' party at his castle during the Blood Moon and becomes his captives. Upon the players and Safiria's ghost freeing Constantin, the players find Kimberly Freeman in a stage death trap where she must play the same music that took control of Constantin or else be flattened by the spiked ceiling above her. This caused the players to move some pillars in order to save Kimberly. After the players freed Voltaire and defeated the manifested Black Unicorn, Kimberly agrees to help the players fight Count Maxius as Voltaire tells Kimberly that he will get her a Black Unicorn of her own.

Mirror Realm Kimberly Freeman

In the Mirror Realm, Kimberly Freeman is a member of Drakath's Lords of Order.


Level 25

Level 28

  • Location: Chaos Realm
  • Level: 28
  • HP: 30,328
  • MP: 100


Level 25

  • Mystic Parchment x1-2
  • Mystic Quills x1-2
  • One Eyed Doll Breaker
  • Runes Found!
  • Treasure Chest

Level 28


  • Kimberly is also the lead singer of the One-Eyed Doll band in real life.
  • She is the second female Chaos Lord, the first being the second Lords of Chaos Xing and Xang.