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Khasaanda is a Troll Prophetess who later replaces Krellenos as the ninth of the 13 Lords of Chaos.

Chaos Lord Khasaanda


Khasaanda had a hard life in the Troll side of Bloodtusk Ravine as she was often laughed at and made fun of by the other Trolls. She was much less-respected by them than Krellenos.

Khasaanda before she stole Kellenos' chaos powers.

Later, Krellenos Chaorrupted Antiphuus and sicced him on the players. After they defeated him, Druuz brought him to the other Trolls, who recognized him. Khasaanda recognized Antiphuus as her brother and predicted that the players would stand between the pillars of shame as she and the other Trolls mourned her younger brother's death.

Later, Khasaanda began to see Chaorruption spread to Bachius, Dregas, Sput, and Tlax, and began tending to Sput as she became more infected by Chaos. As Krellenos revealed himself to be the ninth Lord of Chaos, Khasaanda began to see into his soul but was interrupted as he knocked her down with a chaotic punch. Having become distraught that Krellenos was ruining everything, she confronted him about the predicament just as he was kidnapping a Serpentress and Chaorrupting the heart of the Ancient Temple and predicted that as soon as Krellenos rose and fell, she would be left standing alone.

Khasaanda finally decided she was sick of being made fun of by the other Trolls and decided to take her brother's place. Making her way to the Ore Cavern, she attempted to stop the players from fighting Krellenos and the Gruaige Baas but failed. After the players defeated the Baas, Khasaanda stole her brother's Chaos powers and absorbed them, replacing him as the ninth Lord of Chaos. Afterwards, she had one of the chaorrupted alliance soldiers kill him and then left to have some choice words with Drakath.

Drakath arranges a meeting with Khasaanda and orders the Chaorrupted soldiers. She then orders the players to follow her to where she might find a cure for Chaorruption. As Khasaandra enters the portal, She Who Answers arrives and tells the players that Khasaandra plans to kill Drakath in order to avenge Krellenos and Antiphuus. The players and She Who Answers enter the portal that leads to the Dream Nexus. When Drakath arrives at the meeting spot, Khasaanda wants revenge for the deaths of Krellenos and Antiphuus. Drakath manages to block Khasaanda's attack and binds her with his chaos magic.

  • If the player chooses to not kill Khasaanda, the players would cut the magical binds.

No matter what choice the players choose, they will still fight Khasaanda. When the players defeat Khasaanda, she plans to work with the player to take down Drakath since he thinks that Khasaanda has fallen in battle with the players. Knowing that the Trolls won't trust her, Khasaanda plans to track down Drakath and tells the players that they will meet again. The players tell Sokrakiis and Kagg as well as the other Trolls and Orcs that Khasaanda will fight the chaos control and use it's powers to defeat Drakath.

Chaos Lord Khasaanda Statue.png

A Statue of Khasaanda is also shown in the Chaos Realm when the Hero tries to confront Drakath.

During the final battle against Drakath, the players encounter an imprisoned Khasaanda and Escherion's frog form. Both of them are killed by Drakath in order to free the Queen of Monsters. While in the Chaos Realm, Drakath revived the chaos side of Khasaanda to fight the players.


  • Level: 40
  • HP: 33,830
  • MP: 100
  • Location: Dream Nexus

NOTE: Khasaanda can lock the abilities of the players. When she gets down to half her HP, she can predict and counter the players' attacks. She is also immune to stun attacks.


  • Soul Of Chaos Human Armor -- Member Only --
  • Soul Of Chaos Armor -- Member Only --
  • Brother's Helm Of Vision -- Member Only --
  • Sister's Helm Of Truth -- Member Only --
  • Chaos Eruption Blade -- Member Only --
  • Midnight in Chaos Blade -- Member Only --
  • Quattro Chaos
  • Veil of Shadows
  • Chaotic Shadows Armor
  • Sapphire Pickaxe


  • She is the third female Chaos Lord (fourth if you count Xing and Xang separately), the first being the Chaos Twins themselves and the second being Kimberly Freeman and the fifth being the Female Hero.
  • After completing the Ore Cavern quests, she is replaced by a Light Orb Memorial that appears alongside Krellenos' Fallen Censor.
  • Khasaandra is a homage to Cassandra of Greek Mythology who was gifted with the power of prophecy, but was later cursed by Apollo where her predictions to never be believed.
  • She later betrays Krellenos, absorbs his Chaos powers and replaces him as the ninth Lord of Chaos, afterwards having one of the Chaorrupted alliance soldiers kill him. Then she leaves to have a talk with Drakath.
  • She isn't loyal to Drakath at all as she plans to have her revenge on Drakath for what he did to her family once she finds his lair.