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Kezeroth is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.

The World Ender

Kezeroth is a powerful creature who is feared for being the "World Ender." He plans to live up to his name by releasing the ancient beast Quetzal from it's imprisonment within an ice comet that passes by Lore every 26,000 years. His first attempt to do so was thwarted when he fought a hero named Elim who redirected the beam so that it wouldn't bring the ice comet down into Lore. After Kezeroth had slain Elim, he was approached by a ChronoCorrupter who offered to freeze him in time so that he'll be ready in the next 26,000 years.

The events were being watched by a Chronomancer named Athon saw the ChronoCorrupters do their job and went to the players for help in defeating Kezeroth again and preventing the end of all things. When the players and Athon reached where Kezeroth was frozen in time, the ChronoCorrupter unfroze Kezeroth and he begans his plot again. The players were unable to stop Kezeroth who ended up half-freezing them and using the beam to successfully bring the comet containing Quetzal heading straight to Lore. After Kezeroth leaves, Athon frees the players and tells them that the only way to stop Quetzal is by obtaining the Sword of Hope from the bottom of FrostDeep Dungeon. After the players and Athon obtain the Sword of Hope after slaying the Ancient Terror, they head back to Frostval as they and Kezeroth witness the comet impacting in the nearby mountains enough to free Quetzal.

After the players and their armies gathered by Artix, Warlic, Robina, and Zhoom had weakened Quetzal, the players prepare to finish off Quetzal until Kezeroth arrives. Kezeroth slays Quetzal with the Sword of Hope for it's failure and then breaks the Sword of Hope. Kezeroth then retreats to Ice Rise Keep while telling the players to stay out of his way. The players decided not to heed his words anyway and they stormed the keep to confront Kezeroth. As the players dealt as much damage to him as possible, it became apparent that Kezeroth was proving to be unstoppable until Athon got an idea. The Chronomancer gave his life to save Lore from Kezeroth by using up all of his energy to freeze Kezeroth in time for another 26,000 years or even longer.

Karok Vs Kezeroth

It is later revealed that Kezeroth has a brother named Karok the Fallen who leads the Frostspawn into invading Lore.

In light of what the Queen of Monsters did, Karok the Fallen knew that his alliance with the Queen of Monsters would collapse. In order to take her on, Karok the Fallen plans to find his brother Kezeroth and free him. Following the players defeating the Frostspawn Horror, Karok the Fallen frees Kezeroth from his imprisonment. As the players, Syrrus, and Abel watch, Kezeroth is angered that he was awakened before Quetzal's Comet would come. Karok the Fallen reminds Kezeroth that Quetzal is dead and proposes that they claim all of Lore as their new destiny. Kezeroth attacks Karok the Fallen who claimed that Kezeroth's mind was fogged enough for him to forget what happened to Quetzal. Kezeroth then reminds Karok the Fallen that his destiny is being the World Ender. As Karok the Fallen is unable to persuade Kezeroth to join forces with him, he summons his army to help in his feud with Kezeroth.

As Karok the Fallen and Kezeroth fight, the players, Syrrus, and Abel plan to take advantage of this fight by using either brother to defeat the other. Kezeroth unleashes his army of Kezeroth's Blades against Karok the Fallen's army of Frost Invaders Frostspawn Trolls, and Glaceran Defenders. As the war progresses, Kezeroth tells Karok the Fallen that he can't win as most of his Frostspawn army has been decimated and Karok the Fallen has been weakened. As Karok the Fallen won't surrender until he has done his vengeance on the Queen of Monsters and taken over Lore, he does one final attempt to get Kezeroth to work with him and combine their abilities. Kezeroth punches Karok the Fallen who states that he would only hold him back. Karok the Fallen then casts a binding spell to get Kezeroth to obey him. Upon Karok the Fallen noticing the players, Syrrus, and Abel, Karok the Fallen admitted that they let Kezeroth beat him. Kezeroth tells Karok the Fallen that his Soricomorpha will take care of them as he unleashes the Soricomorpha on them. After the players have defeated Soricomorpha, Syrrus and Abel state that they will now have to defeat both Karok the Fallen and Kezeroth.

In order to confront Karok the Fallen and Kezeroth, Syrrus tells the players of a poweful crystal made of non-melting ice that was first seen in Glacera and was made by Kyanos on the Plane of Ice where it's power might be enough to stop Karok the Fallen and Kezeroth. Arriving as the Crystal of Glacera's location, the players fight their way towards the Crystal of Glacera. Upon the players proving themselves to the Crystal of Glacera where it transforms into a staff, the players work to get away from the armies of Frost Fangbeasts, Frostspawn Trolls, and Glacial Trolls until Karok the Fallen arrives wanting to have a "chat" with the players. When the players won't surrender the Crystal of Glacera to him, Karok the Fallen tells Kezeroth to let him deal with the players and to save himself for the real fight. While fighting Chained Kezeroth, the players are powered up by the Crystal of Glacera where they briefly immobilize Kezeroth until they are attacked by Karok the Fallen who will put an end to this battle.

Mirror Realm

In the Mirror Realm, Kezeroth is known for being a "World Saver." He kept Lore from ending by throwing himself into the heart of a volcano.


  • Location: Ice Rise Keep
  • Level: 35
  • HP: 86,441
  • MP: 100


  • Battle Sassafras 12
  • Frozen Back Blades 12
  • Guiding Stars Cape 12
  • Kezeroth's Armor 12
  • Kezeroth's Cape 12
  • Kezeroth's Helm 12
  • Kezeroth's Shattered Helm 12
  • Rapier of the Star 12
  • Treasure Chest
  • Warrior of the Star 12