Kathool Atchoo

Kathool Atchoo is the tenth Beast of Chaos.


Kathool is a giant squid-like monster that rested at the bottom of the sea areas of The Span, awakening upon the defeat of the three Proto-Chaos Beasts Carnax, Fluffy the Dracolich & the Dragonoid. The beast was later defeated by the players, exchanging some words to them remarking that they would later meet again. After Iadoa's defeat, a vision of Kathool appears to voice some final words.


Kathool (Version 1)

NOTE: When he casts Mind Twist, he can regenerate his health until the shield created by him is broken.

Kathool (Version 2)

  • Location: Chaos Gauntlet
  • Level: 50
  • HP: 65,615
  • MP: 100

Kathool (Level 35)


Kathool (Version 1)

Kathool (Version 2)

Kathool (Level 35)

  • Chest Plate
  • Treasure Chest
  • Void Cape
  • Void Energy x1-15
  • Void Helm
  • Void Manipulation Staff
  • Void Ore
  • Void Piercer Blade
  • Void Slicer Daggers



  • He is the first Chaos Beast to be capable of speech with the second being The Eternal Dragon of Time.
  • His full name is Kathool Atchoo.
  • He first appeared in MechQuest.
  • He is so far the only Chaos Beast not killed by The Hero.

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