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Kathool Atchoo

Kathool Atchoo is the tenth Beast of Chaos.


Kathool is an extremely primitive being, it has existed since the beginning of the universe and has witnessed the birth of magic, it has also witnessed the end of many ages.

Queen First Reign

When The Hero returned to the past to help Iadoa and the Heroes of Balance collect the Elemental Orbs to defeat the Queen of Monsters, in the process of obtaining the Water Orb, The Hero, Iadoa, Escherion, and Lake Hydra had struggle to fought Sa-Laatan, until Iadoa called for Kathool's help. Kathool appears and with her strength Kathool easily defeats Sa-Laatan and says that the Queen of Monsters can only be a fear to humans but she doesn't have to be a threat to Kathool and Kathool knows who she truly is. Kathool also tells The Hero and the rest that Kathool's relationship with them is neither enemy nor friend and that he won't let the Queen of Monster destroy humanity as that would spoil the fun. Kathool then drags Sa-Laatan into the sea and leaves behind the Water Orb.


Kathool is a giant squid-like monster that rested at the bottom of the sea areas of The Span, awakening upon the defeat of the three Proto-Chaos Beasts Carnax, Fluffy the Dracolich & the Dragonoid. The beast was later defeated by The Hero, exchanging some words to them remarking that they would later meet again. The reason The Hero was able to defeat it is because Kathool agreed to Xing's request to let The Hero win, it simply wanted to. After Iadoa defeat, a vision of Kathool appears to voice some final words.


Kathool (Version 1)

NOTE: When he casts Mind Twist, he can regenerate his health until the shield created by him is broken.

Kathool (Version 2)

  • Location: Chaos Gauntlet
  • Level: 50
  • HP: 65,615
  • MP: 100

Kathool (Level 35)


Kathool (Version 1)

Kathool (Version 2)

Kathool (Level 35)

  • Chest Plate
  • Treasure Chest
  • Void Cape
  • Void Energy x1-15
  • Void Helm
  • Void Manipulation Staff
  • Void Ore
  • Void Piercer Blade
  • Void Slicer Daggers



  • He is the first Chaos Beast to be capable of speech with the second being The Eternal Dragon of Time.
  • His full name is Kathool Atchoo.
  • He first appeared in MechQuest.
  • He is so far the only Chaos Beast not killed by The Hero.

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