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Iadoa is the tenth of the 13 Lords of Chaos.

Chaos Lord Iadoa


Iadoa was a renowned Chronomancer and professor who left to explore time prior to the events of AQWorlds. According to Lim, Iadoa had been missing for decades, and the academy thought he had squinched himself. However, Iadoa returned, having been Chaorrupted by Drakath, and using his new Chaos powers to mess with the 2011-2012 New Year's celebration. He planned to stop time itself and prevent the New Year from coming by messing with the lab clock, the dropping ball, and the hourglass. After fighting his army of Chaos-Saw Sneevils, Chaos Rhino Beetles and Chaorrupted Polar Bears, and fixing the lab clock, the players and Lim defeated Iadoa, who retreated and was never seen again for awhile. The players used his gauntlet to shatter the hourglass to set everything back to the way it was before Iadoa's arrival.

Iadoa at New Year's Lab.

Later, the players were visiting the Library of Time where they learned about the timelines of AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest that combined together to form AQWorlds, and got to see what the future would've been like had they failed to stop the "conqueror" from attacking and conquering Lore after having been freed from its prison by Drakath. After learning everything they needed to know, the players met Iadoa once again, recognizing him as the "over-loud, caricature of a Chaos Lord" that they met as the new year begun. Iadoa took the players to a time void where he explained that he had foreseen their future as well as Drakath's and taught them that those who welcome Chaorruption are unimaginably enhanced and those who don't are forced to bow by it. He afterwards took the players back to the Time Library and explained that Drakath's fate was tied to that of the players, meaning their actions would depend on if and/or when Drakath would succeed in opening the Chaos gate. The players knew that Iadoa would try to kill them at some point in the future, and Iadoa told them that everybody has a choice, and his choice was to teach them while he was still himself. He instructed the players to head to the northern-most portal.

After the players defeated the Unending Avatar within the mouth of Vaxt Ahas in the Time Void, Iadoa arrived to show the players the day that Galanoth slew the Dragon of Time, resulting in the three timelines merging together to form the players' reality. According to Iadoa, the merging of the timelines caused everybody to be reborn, including Drakath and his master. Iadoa then led the players into the details of their destiny.

Iadoa tells the players that his hold on himself is slipping and that he can't hold the time constructs together much longer. He then creates some constructs of characters in the other areas. First, Iadoa sends the players to meet the golem of the blind seer Uldor where they learn from the Tome of Hope about why Galanoth slew the Dragon of Time. Then Iadoa sends the players to meet the golem of the dwarven technomage Dr. Ali Peng where they learn how the inhabitants of the timelines weren't affected. Then Iadoa sends the players with the golem Warlic where they learn about the Dragon of Time's history. Then Iadoa sends the players to meet the pyromancer Drakonnan who states how a lot of heroes died when Sepulchure was victorious. Then Iadoa sends the players to meet with the golem paladin Moon Called who has them fight the Proto-Chaos Beast Carnax. After defeating Carnax, Iadoa appears and asks the players what they learned from all this. Iadoa states that the locations they have visited are his creations in the Time Void. Iadoa then starts to collapse as the Chaos starts to spread where he won't be able to hold his time constructs together. Iadoa states that there isn't anyone who can help him and what will happen to him must occur. He does plan to teach the players the remaining parts to their destiny before he succumbs to Chaos.

As the Chaorruption starts to take it's hold on Iadoa, they end up in a strange location that changes directions within a mountain. After completing the challenges, the players face the second Proto-Chaos Beast Fluffy the Dracolich (who was used by Sepulchure back in DragonFable). After defeating Fluffy the Dracolich, the players find Iadoa about to succumb to the Chaorruption. Iadoa tells the players that each Proto-Chaos Beast contains part of a Chaos Beast that needs to be summoned and that having the players "make the beast" is the players' lesson. Before Chaos takes control of him, Iadoa uses the last ounce of his powers to send the players home.

As Iadoa starts to lose control of himself, Drakath sends Xing and Xang to Chaorrupt his creatures and have the Time Golems created by Iadoa choose their loyalty. The players end up fighting Iadoa's army of Chaos Togs, Chaos Fairies, Chaos Training Globes, Chaos Sneaks, Chaos Shadowscythes, and Chaos Ghosts. After besting the Chaorrupted Orb, the remaining Time Golems not affected by Chaos agree to help the players with their next lesson.

When the players and the Time Golem Warlic take their lesson in revolving around the MechQuest reality, Iadoa briefly fights the Chaorruption commenting that if the players die, so will he. Xing and Xang arrive and tell Iadoa that he was chosen to teach the players and to make with the teaching. Iadoa states that Drakath will have his Chaos Beast and that when he fights the players, only one of them will walk away. Xing and Xang give Iadoa a gift which ends up being a fish. Iadoa tells Xing and Xang to leave as he has to prepare for his confrontation with the players. After the players defeated the third Proto-Chaos Beast Dragonoid, Time Golem Warlic, Starstorm, and the other Time Golems sense that Iadoa's mind isn't shattered. Xing and Xang put their plan into motion as the fights between Carnax, Fluffy the Dracolich, and Dragonoid have awoken the Chaos Beast.

The Time Golem Warlic tries to get through to Iadoa telling him to go to where he can't hear the Chaorrupted whispers. Iadoa senses that the Chaos Beast Kathool is awakening and decides that his time to fight the players again is now. After besting Kathool, the players confront Iadoa in the center of the Metafold. After the players defeated Iadoa, Lucretia tries to attack Iadoa just as Xing and Xang arrive. Iadoa sends Lucretia away as the players throw their hourglass at Iadoa. After Xing and Xang leave, the players and Time Golem Warlic are contacted by Iadoa stating that he is currently in the Time Void healing while his Time Golems are now free to live their lives. Time Golem Warlic tells the players that they will either encounter a past version of Iadoa or the real Iadoa once he is healed in the Time Void.

Chaos Lord Iadoa Statue.png

A statue of Chaos Lord Iadoa is also shown in the Chaos Realm when the Hero tries to confront Drakath

While in the Chaos Realm, Drakath revived the chaos side of Iadoa to fight the players.



  • Location: New Year's Lab
  • Level: 40
  • HP: 78,458
  • MP: 100

Chaos Lord Iadoa

  • Location: Time Space at The Span
  • Level: 52
  • HP: 92,879
  • MP: 100
  • NOTE: Once in a while, Iadoa uses Temporal Prison to petrify the players. His Astral Shift can be reversed by using Chaotic Hourglass or Dragonoid of Hours weapon, which lowers his damage significantly. He is also immune to stun attacks.

Ultra Iadoa

  • Location: UltraVoid at The Span
  • Level: 52
  • HP: 160,579
  • MP: 100
  • NOTE: Once in a while, Ultra Iadoa uses Temporal Prison to petrify the players. His Astral Shift can be reversed by using Chaotic Hourglass or Dragonoid of Hours weapon, which lowers his damage significantly. He is also immune to stun attacks.


New Year's Lab

  • ChronoGear Blade 12
  • CountDown Disaster 12 -- Member Only --
  • CountDown Mask 12
  • Countdown's Protection 12
  • Double Glow Of Glory 12 -- Member Only --
  • Solidified TimeBlade 12 -- Member Only --

Time Space

Ultra Iadoa

  • Iadoa (Armor) -- Member Only --
  • Chrono Warrior -- Member Only --


  • Iadoa first appeared during the 2011-2012 New Year's event as a standard boss.
  • His armor that he wore at the New Year Lab resembles a ChronoCorruptor.
  • He is The First Good Male Chaos Lord with the second being Chaos Lord Alteon.