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Greenguard Forest
A magical forest filled with monsters, treasure, and adventure. It is home to many of the greatest heroes in the land.
Location Info
Level Required: 1
  • West of Battleontown
  • /join greenguardwest
  • /join greenguardeast
Exits to:
  • Battleon
  • Noobshire
  • Newbie
  • Farm
  • Club House
  • Shallow
  • Mobius (Chiral Valley) (The first Chaos Lord area)
  • Greenguard Dragon (/join greendragon)
  • Greenguard Basilisk (/join trunk)
  • Gell Oh No (/join well)
  • Deathgazer (/join deathgazer)
  • Arcangrove (The seventh Chaos Lord area, based in magic)
  • Etherstorm Wastes (Elements and dragons based area)
  • Mythsong Canyon (The sixth Chaos Lord area, based in music)
  • Bloodtusk Ravine (The ninth Chaos Lord area, based in Trolls and Horcs)
  • Darkovia Grave (The fifth Chaos Lord area, based in Vampires and Werewolves)
Shops and NPCs
  • Hybrid Enhancement Shop
  • Mazumi's Shop
  • Ninja Upgrade Armor
  • The Black Knight Shop
  • 3 Little Wolves Shop
Quests & Monsters

Greenguard West

  • Mazumi's Quests:
  • Ninja Grudge
  • Without a Trace
  • Hit Job
  • The Black Knight's Quests:
    • Hardly Suiting Armor
  • Insomniac Beauty's Quests:
    • warm MILK!
    • Cup of tea, please!
    • Music Box for the sleepiness
  • 3 Little Wolves' Quests:
    • Wolves for Hire
    • Blue Green Prints
    • Brick Head

Greenguard East

  • Tom Foolery's Quests:
    • Landing Swords!
    • Free the Sword!
  • Red Hunting Hood's Quests:
    • Vicious Wolves
    • Slime to the West, slime everywhere
    • Scaly Menace
    • Overgrown Spiders
    • Dragon Might
    • Strange Gel
    • Terrifying Reptile
    • The beast with many eyes!
  • It is now the new surrounding of Battleon, a huge sprawling map that connects many locations. There are many new places soon to be released, with signs leading to each. It is split into two rooms, greenguardwest and greenguardeast.
  • All NPCs on greenguard east and west(with the exception of Mazumi) are puns to the old's childish tales(great part from the Brothers Grimm's tales)
  • Named after the green dragon guarding a piece of the Black Knight's armor... making it a green guard dragon, which is where the forest's name is derived from.