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Gravelyn, Champion of Light




Empress of the Shadowscythe
Champion of Light


Sepulchure, father (Deceased)
Lynaria Alteon, mother (Deceased)
Brittany, half-sister (Deceased)
Victoria, half-sister
Tara, half-sister





See also: Gravelyn the Good

Gravelyn is the daughter of the Doom Knight Sepulchure and Lynaria Alteon, King Alteon's wife. She is the empress of the Shadowscythe, the main force of evil in the world of Lore. She is also the Champion of Light.


Gravelyn's existence was long kept a secret by her father Sepulchure as she was also the daughter of King Alteon's wife, Queen Lynaria Alteon. When Drakath killed him, he heard Gravelyn's cries from the sky and shot down Sepulcure's flying fortress leaving it grounded. With her father gone, she was now the inheritor of the entire Shadowscythe Empire.

Soon after, she agreed to strike a truce with King Alteon and his forces of good for help with defeating Drakath and the forces of Chaos.

When the lich Noxus and his creation Vordred stormed Shadowfall with their army, they confronted Gravelyn where it was revealed that he created her father's army and his flying fortress. Noxus then uses his magic to take control of Gravelyn's army. Gravelyn ended up Noxus and Vordred's prisoner when placed in slave clothes until the heroes came to rescue her. Noxus had Vordred command his army to surround the heroes so that he can finish her off. When Sally contacts Noxus about ArcAttack being sighted in Doomwood and sends Vordred back to Doomwood, Gravelyn revealed that she had one undead loyal to her as the head of Chuckles knocks Noxus off of the throne and frees her. Gravelyn then commands her soldiers to let the heroes pass so that they can fight Noxus. Once Noxus was defeated, Gravelyn removed Noxus' head and placed Chuckles' head onto Noxus' body. She plans to have Cysero convert Noxus' head into a weapon for her to use. Before sending the heroes back to Doomwood to fight Vordred and intercept Artix, Gravelyn gives the heroes a special amulet that belonged to her father so that it will help them in the battle against Vordred.

In Gravelyn's ending following the defeat of Vordred, she uses the Noxus Head Staff, made from Noxus' skull. Gravelyn gives Artix an offer to side with her upon knowing that Artix is actually the Champion of Darkness which he declines. Gravelyn then vows to finish what her father started once Drakath is defeated. Before leaving, Gravelyn gives the Hero the Noxus Head Staff.

Gravelyn awakens to find herself captive in the Plane of Darkness where Sepulchure is fighting Artix. It soon turns out to be a nightmare that Gravelyn has as the Noxus Head Staff tells Gravelyn that she probably had a vision of the future. Noxus then tells Gravelyn that her father was fit to lead the undead armies of the Shadowscythe as Gravelyn was surprised that Noxus knew Sepulchure before he became a Doom Knight and states that if she wants to know more about her father, she should look into the Forbidden Vault of the Necropolis. Seeing as it would require Sepulchure's helmet to enter the Forbidden Vault of the Necropolis, she lends Sepulchure's helmet to the players. Gravelyn is later captured by Chaos Vordred and Sally claims the Noxus Head Staff as Noxus orders Chaos Vordred to kill the heroes. When Gravelyn's last words were her wishing that her father was here, the tomb of Queen Lynaria Alteon grants her wish and revives Sepulchure. When Noxus orders Chaos Vordred to stand down, Chaos Vordred goes on the attack only to be easily destroyed by Sepulchure as Sally and Noxus bow before Sepulchure. Gravelyn detects that the Sepulchure present isn't the real Sepulchure. The tomb of Queen Lynaria Alteon states that Sepulchure was killed by Drakath where there is no coming back from death. Drakath ends up warping reality to make it look like the Sepulchure has returned from the dead.

After reality is restored, Nulgath and Dage the Evil catch up to the group as Gravelyn tells them, Sally, and Noxus that the Shadowscythe Army will hunt down Drakath and make him pay for what he did to Sepulchure. Gravelyn then orders Sally to rebuild Vordred in order to use him against Drakath.

Gravelyn gets bored waiting for the next Chaos attack and summons the players to Shadowfall where they must decide the next option since King Alteon isn't up to taking the fight to Drakath. General Cynari and General Tibias assist the Hero into proving who is right. After slaying the Shadow of the Past, the players do their best to prove the Allegiance is strong and will help Gravelyn depending on if they are on the side of good or evil. Gravelyn then changes her armor and states that she will act weak as a way to fool Drakath. 

AdventureQuest Worlds: Zombies

Gravelyn 2.png

In the alternate timeline caused by Drakath, Gravelyn appears at the point where she sees her father fighting King Alteon. When Drakath doesn't show up, King Alteon dies protecting the Hero. When Sepulchure vanquishes Death enough to cause the recently departed to return as Zombies that obey Sepulchure's every command, Gravelyn shouts to the players to get out of the palace. When the Zombies break into Battleon, it is eventually revealed that Gravelyn is the Champion of Light, which explained by Gravelyn isn't undead like her father and how she lit up enough to hurt a Ghoul, as Sepulchure also learns this from his Doom Blade after Gravelyn left. This causes Sepulchure to go after Gravelyn so that he can open the portal to the Plane of Darkness.

Gravelyn's new armor looks

Sepulchure shows up to challenge Gravelyn as an army of Angry Zombies and Zombie Dragons attack. The Hero sees Sepulchure about to deal the final blow to Gravelyn. Sepulchure finds himself unable to kill his own daughter. Just then, Drakath appears and strikes at Gravelyn only for Sepulchure to take the hit. Gravelyn unleashes her full light powers to drive away Drakath. The Doom Blade then takes control of Sepulchure's body transforming it into Dark Sepulchure in order to finish the job. The players end up fighting Dark Sepulchure and managed to defeat him. Artix tells the Hero that a shadow creature can only be slain by the Blinding Light of Destiny as Dark Sepulchure gets up behind them. Gravelyn leaves her fight with Drakath and grabs the Doom Blade which she purifies into a weapon that destroys Dark Sepulchure and restores reality back to normal.


After the mission when Gravelyn's castle falls down, you are able to go to Shadowfall and do missions of Evil Reputation by talking with Gravelyn in her lair:

Non-Member Quests:

Youthanize: Gravelyn needs a special liquid to cure her wounded skeletons. That liquid is produced by Slimes. You need to kill 1 Slime. (Can be any Green Slime).

Reward: 200 gold / 100xp / 250 rep evil

-Rattle Battle: Gravelyn needs to bolster her forces, and asks you to ensure the help of 8 Rattlebones from the Bludrut Keep's 1st floor. (It only counts if they are from Buldrut Keep).

Reward: 200 gold / 100xp / 250 rep evil

Bone-afide: Gravelyn needs replacement parts for her skeletons, and she asks you to kill skeletons from Swordhaven's graveyard. 6 tibias and 3 phalanges is enough. (Tibias and Phalanges can be obtanied from different mosters as from the same one).

Reward: 250gold / 150xp / 600 rep evil

Member Quests:


Daily Quests:

Inquisitor Inquiry: Gravelyn needs more manpower, and chooses the Inquisitors from Citadel to help her. Kill 8 Guards and that should be enough. (Don't know if it works as well for Captains and for Templars).

Reward: 300gold / 200xp / 2 000 rep evil


"Long unlive the Shadowscythe! <Within her unflinching eyes you see fire and determination> We must restore our empire to its former power and crush Drakath's 13 Lords of Chaos! "

"So, you have chosen to be a Hero of Evil...I shall test you to see if you are worthy of becoming my champion. Drakath will pay for what he has done! Then..."
"My army of darkness will conquer this land. WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!"

You say, "Excuse me... um... your leader was ker'sploded and your fortress just crashed into the side of a mountain."

"<clenches her teeth> Indeed. It is true. The Empire has been thrown into chaos. We have lost control of our forces and Villains from around the globe are coming to claim this throne for their own."

"We must move swiftly to increase morale and prepare ourselves before the 1st Lord of Chaos arrives."

You say, "We could hang up some motivational posters and invest in some self-help tapes."

"No... I must prove I am worthy to replace my father. <forces back a tear> First I need a symbol of power that will command the respect of those coming to challenge my right to rule... I need my Father's armor."
"You must travel to the Crypt in Swordhaven where the knights are guarding my Father's cursed DoomKnight armor. Bring it back to me to earn my trust... Now go! Recover the cursed armor of Sepulchure!"


  • Her name is a pun on the word grave, which is likely because of her position as the leader of a large army of undead.
  • She is the daughter of Queen Lynaria Alteon, making her the half sister of Princess Brittany, Victoria and Tara. This may also make her the secret member of the royal family that Nialla talked about in Swordhaven Castle
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