Gorgorath is a monster in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Gorgorath is an Dracolich who is the Dragon of Wrath and one of the 7 Deadly Dragons.

Following the deaths of Glutus, Valsarian, Goregold, Phlegnn, and Maloth as well as the escape of Lascivia, Gorgorath attacked the fleet of Captain Rhubarb in order to obtain the Jewel of the Undying. After most of his fleet was destroyed, Captain Rhubarb summoned the players, Galanoth, and Artix to help combat Gorgorath who unleashes her army of Bone Terrors (the second version), Dark Fires, Fishbones, and Undead Pirates on them. When in the cargo, the players find a treasure that previously belonged to the pirate Evil Eye Grim called the Jewel of the Undying which is said to grant eternal life to the undead. After besting Gorgorath's minion Droghor, the players, Artix, Galanoth, and Captain Rhubarb are surrounded by more undead until they retreat upon Gorgorath's arrival. While Artix and Galanoth argue over who gets to fight Gorgorath, the players fight Gorgorath who claims that the Jewel of the Undying is hers where Evil Eye Grim stole it from her and buried it deep underground. Due to Artix and Galanoth's distraction, Gorgorath snatches the Jewel of the Undying from the players and flies off. Displeased at what happened, Artix and Galanoth plan to work together when they track Gorgorath down.

Arriving at the Dragon Boneyard, the players, Artix, and Galanoth navigate their way to Gorgorath's lair while fighting Bone Dragonlings, Bone Terrors, Bone Wyverns, and Dark Fires. After besting Dragonshade, the players, Artix, and Galanoth confront Gorgorath and fight her. Upon the players disarming Gorgorath of the Jewel of the Undying, Galanoth manages to slay Gorgorath. Afterwards, Gorgorath's lair starts to collapse. The last thing they see of Gorgorath's remains following the lair's collapse is her spirit ascending.


  • Location: Wrath, Dragon Bone
  • Level: 70
  • HP: 104,538
  • MP: 100


  • Boneaxe of Gorgorath
  • Boneblade of Gorgorath
  • Bone Wings of Gorgorath
  • DracoMori
  • Dragonslayer Slayer
  • Dragonslayer Slayer Backbeast
  • Dragonslayers Dread
  • Dragonslayer Slayer Hair
  • Dragonslayer Slayer Head
  • Dragonslayer Slayer Helm
  • Dragonslayer Slayer Locks
  • Dragonslayer Slayer Mask
  • Dragonslayer Slayer Tail
  • Dragonslayer Slayer Wings
  • Dragonslayer Slayer Wings + Tail
  • Gorgorath's Head
  • Hooded Horns of Gorgorath
  • Horns of Gorgorath
  • Key of Wrath
  • Mane of Gorgorath
  • Reversed Dragonslayers Demise
  • Skull Scarf of Gorgorath
  • Tail of Gorgorath
  • Treasure Chest
  • Wee Gorgorath
  • Wrath Dragonoid
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