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Description: Galanoth is a grand and ruling member of the Order of Dragonslayers. He hates Dragons desperately after Galanoth's parents had been killed during the destruction of his village as a child by the dragon Akriloth. Because of this he will kill any dragon he lays eyes on.


Early in his life, Galanoth lost his parents to the legendary fire dragon Akriloth. As a result Galanoth hated dragons and made it his life mission to kill all dragons. After doing this he would travel the land, seeking to kill all dragons he met.

He later came to the small northern town of Dragesvard where he became its guardian. Here he came to discover with the help of the DragonFable hero the ancient race of Frost Elves that had joined the dragons. Galanoth then with the DragonFable hero's help gathered help from the other people of the north to help fight the dragon and the elves.

Then five years later Galanoth would have a grand fight against the grand Dragonmancer, Zhilo. This fight went on for many hour until Zorbak brought Calladus to kill both Galanoth and Zhilo and nearly did if the AdventureQuest hero did defeat Calladus. Galanoth lost his judgement for a while after being saved by Lord Cyrus' sister, Sheila. She saved him from falling from a cliff to his death being blasted off by Xerxes, an act she said was a repayment of the debt she owed him for his helping rescue her from Bradakhan.

Galanoth later slew the Dragon of Time which caused the AdventureQuest universe, the DragonFable universe, and the MechQuest universe to be merged into the AdventureQuest Worlds universe.

After these events, he came to Vasalkar Lair to defeat the Red Dragon. Here he teaches young heroes the art to be a Dragonslayer.

Galanoth later helps the players and Warlic when it comes to fighting Desoloth. During his fight with Desoloth, Galanoth loses his arm in a fight with Desoloth and was healed by Warlic. Galanoth stated that this had made him stronger. During his fight with Desoloth's army, Desoloth's follower X'Dir approached Galanoth with a new arm in exchange that he sides with Desoloth. Galanoth drives X'Dir away as X'Dir drops the arm in the process. Galanoth then takes the arm to Warlic to work on it.

Mirror Realm Galanoth

In the Mirror Realm, Galanoth is an evil dragon.

AdventureQuest Worlds: Zombies

In the alternate timeline caused by Drakath, Galanoth has become infected by the zombies transforming him into Zombie Galanoth after Sepulchure destroyed Death which resulted in the recently deceased to return to life as Zombies that obey Sepulchure's every command. Galanoth ends up assisted by Bronze Dracozombies and Dark Dracozombies (whom were created from the Bronze Draconians and the Dark Draconians) when attacking Vasalkar Lair.


SFK363 standing in front of Galanoth.

Galanoth from AdventureQuest

DragonFable Quotes

Galanoth's parents

  • "My name is Galanoth. I travel the lands of Lore searching for the most foul and terrible beasts the world has ever seen... DRAGONS!"
  • "I've come here looking for the best of the best! There is a world of difference between fighting sneevils and fighting dragons!"
  • "It is my sworn duty to protect the innocent from evil dragons."
  • "There may be a "good dragon" but I've never met one. Or maybe I have... but it didn't last long enough to mention it."
  • "Maybe one day I will face and defeat a real Dragonlord... and keep their Dragon Amulet as a prize!"
  • "This MUST mean that there are some Ice Elves left up here. They were fierce warriors when their land was threatened... "


  • "You are guilty of charging the Order of Dragonslayers with secretly worshipping Akriloth!"
  • "In that case, Zhilo, this should hurt YOU more than it hurts ME!"
  • "Had enough, or do you still need to taste more sharp-edged dragonbane??"
  • "*huff huff* I can... see in your eyes... how tired you are! You are going to fall to your knees any moment now, *gasp*!"
  • "Thank you, brave adventurer! You have proven yourself today. I could see you as one of our top Dragonslayers..."

AdventureQuest Worlds

  • "Welcome, brave one. You have come to the lair of Vasalkar, a red dragon of great infamy. I am Glanoth, head of Order of Dragonslayers, and I am here to make sure Vasalkar and his Draconian guards pay for all of the pain they have inflicted on the countryside in their neverending quest to build up their treasure hoard!"

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