Exos as the Chaos Knight


Exos is the brother of Captain Stratos, Thermos, Tropos, Lithos, and Terra who wants to become a Chaos Lord. He later becomes the first Chaos Knight.


Exos is the quintuplet brother of Stratos, Thermos, Tropos, and Lithos, and the brother of Terra. In his youth, Exos, out of hatred toward Stratos, attempted to kill him only to be stopped by Lithos. Exos then killed Lithos by cutting him across the chest with his knife and fled as Stratos stared back at him in rage, promising that he will never forgive Exos. Later, as he grew, Exos attacked his sister Terra and, against her wishes, pushed her off a cliff to her death in the ocean below.

Years later, Exos gathered a Dreamweaver and several Sky Pirate Draconians and Skyguard Privates looking to get back at those who had wronged them for a meeting. Exos explained that he had spoken with Drakath and that he wants to infiltrate the Skyguard and use it to wreak enough havoc to see to it that Drakath makes him into a Chaos Lord. When one of the privates asked Exos how he was going to accomplish his plan, the Dreamweaver trapped him in a vision of nightmares that would last until the spell was lifted. Exos then sent the privates to infiltrate the induction ceremony and the Dreamweaver to disguise herself as Invidia.

When the attack of the Nightmare Sky Pirates within the Dream Maze failed, Exos spoke with Drakath that Stratos had to perish. Exos had a grand plan that would take care of him and everyone on his side, and planned to dispose of Exos and assume his position as a Skyguard Captain while his Dreamweaver ensured that nobody could notice the difference.

Later, the players spoke with King Alteon that the Sky Pirates were spreading Chaos across Lore by bombarding different locations with bombs dropped from their ships. Exos, disguised as Stratos, arrived as soon as Alteon asked where Stratos was, and summoned Jens to be his messenger for Alteon. Exos explained that he would take command of the Skyguard with High Command out of commission. Unbeknownst to the players and Alteon, the Stratos they were talking to was really Exos in disguise. Exos later met with Invidia, who told him that the players had found the location of the Sky Pirate Base. Exos stated that he would have no problem with the players now that both the Skyguard and the Sky Pirates were under his command. Exos later had another meeting with Drakath, who was so pleased with his work that he promised him the power of Chaos, which he used on several Sky Pirates, turning them into Chaorrupted SkyPirates, one of which mistook the recovered Stratos for Exos and revealed that Exos had "betrayed" the Sky Pirates by Chaorrupting them with Chaos, which resulted in Stratos being mistakenly thrown into jail.

After the players defeated the Chaorrupted SkyGeneral, they and Invidia confronted Exos within his command center, and mistook him for Stratos. Invidia attacked Exos, trapped him in a nightmarish vision, and revealed the tragic past involving Stratos, his brothers, and Exos, thus revealing that the "Stratos" before them was indeed Exos. Invidia shedded her disguise and revealed herself to be the Dreamweaver, who wanted to be free from Exos' control. Enraged, Exos attempted to kill them both, but the Dreamweaver teleported herself and the players away just in time. Exos then planned for the Sky Pirates to prepare an attack on the Skyguard Base. The players told Stratos that they had met Exos and planned to take down Exos. While Stratos went to look for Exos, Invidia and the players went to High Command to help General Zephis.

As Stratos continued his search for Exos, the players planned to catch up with Stratos. General Dortmuller told the players to stay and assist. While planning to overhaul the background security check, General Zephis commented that the players had earned his respect. Meanwhile, the Dreamweaver explained that the players wouldn't know that she was there and would never recognize their "next visitor" and trust them completely. Exos believed that the players were out to "kill the visitor completely".

Later, the players infiltrated his bunker, disguised as his loyal Skyguard Privates, and learned from him that he wanted to raise his own Chaos Beast. He hired the players to collect different body parts from such monsters as Subrysas, Koalions, Rhisons, Tainted Emus and Hootbears for his Beast Merge-o-Matic. Exos used these resources to create a Chaos Beast Attempt, which then attacked him to his own horror and signaled for the players to attack and destroy it, also to his own horror. Exos collapsed and lost consciousness until the players warned him that Drakath had come to make him a Chaos Lord. Paranoid, Exos begged for the players to hide him before fleeing in terror. Meanwhile, at the Realm of Chaos, the Dreamweaver reported Exos' failure to Drakath.

Exos after his chaorruption.

When Exos arrives at Drakath's lair in order to claim Drakath's champion crown, Drakath stops Exos in his tracks and Chaorrupts him stating that his insight enabled him to see that Dreamweaver was using Exos. After fighting past Chaos Commanders, Sky Sp-Eyes, and Chaos Skylords, the players join Stratos into confronting Exos and fighting him. The players managed to slay Exos as Stratos mourns his death. Drakath and Dreamweaver find Exos' dead body as Drakath makes his body disappear. After Dreamweaver leaves upon being declared unworthy of being one of his servants, Drakath retreats back to his lair where he uses his chaotic abilities on Exos' body, reviving him as the first Chaos Knight.

Important Text

At Bunker, before completing Exos' quests

BattleMage, Chaos Lord Aspirant

You! Took you long enough to deliver that message. Now! You need to do that thing I need you to do. If you don't, I can't be what I need to be, and then HE won't see what he needs to see! So, you see, I need you to be my right and left hands holding daggers of destiny. Go!


Once you have resourcefully recovered the rest of the necessary resources, you will give them to me. And ONLY me! In my Beast-Merge-o-Matic Shop, I will combine them. They will become ONE! And I... I will become - No! You know. Can't say it out loud yet.


After completing Exos' quests (Illusion of Exos)

Not really here

Don't touch! This isn't the REAL me... if anything is. The Dreamweaver constructed this apparition of me in case anything should ever... happen. Which it did. You know it did! And since it did, it must be YOUR fault! Get out!




Ultra Exos

  • Location: ChaosGuard at Skyguard
  • Level: 50
  • HP: 442,018
  • MP: 100
  • NOTE: When he uses the Touch of Chaos, it empowers both you and himself, increasing both your and his damage at the same time.



Ultra Exos


  • His identity as the mastermind behind the trouble in the Skyguard wasn't revealed until completion of the Pirate Base quests. Also, he was just named "Master" until then.
  • After completing his quests at the Bunker, he is replaced by an Illusion of Exos.
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