Chaos Lord Escherion

Escherion Statue

Escherion's statue

Escherion is a battlemage who is Drakath's first Lord of Chaos. He holds the Staff of Inversion which is alive with the Chaos eye on the tip.


Escherion arrived in Mobius with his army and used his Staff of Inversion to turn everything inside-out, including it's Guardian Tower which he used as a base. His henchmen includes Slugfit, Cyclops Warlord, and Head Gargoyle. His main reason to send his armies throughout the entire Chiral Valley is to look for the Runix Cube. The hero have to go to the locations to retrieve the pieces of the Runix Cube. First in Mobius, then the Faerie Woods, and finally Cornelis. Upon recovering all three pieces, the hero uses the disguise of a pizza delivery guy to infiltrate his tower and fight through the soldiers there. After besting Head Gargoyle, the players finally confront Escherion. They throw the Runix Cube at him not knowing what it does. Afterwards, Escherion takes the opportunity to grab the Cube, thank the hero and eject him from the tower, then awakens the Lake Hydra (the first of the "Chaos Beasts" that accompany each Chaos Lord) under orders by Drakath. The hero must defeat the Lake Hydra before reentering the Tower of Relativity

When the Lake Hydra is defeated, the character then goes back to Escherion. After taking out the Staff of Inversion and Escherion, the character demands that Escherion leave Chiral Valley and never return. When Escherion retaliates, the character uses a Mirror Shield found in Cornelis to reflect Escherion's spells back to himself. When he tries to polymorph the character, he ends up turning himself into a toad which undoes the effects of his inversion spells. Drakath gets word of this and prepares his next Lord of Chaos after stating that Escherion has served his purpose.

Escherion's frog form was later found in a cage when the players find him and Khasaanda during the final battle against Drakath. Both of them are killed by Drakath in order to release the Queen of Monsters. While in the Chaos Realm, Drakath revived the chaos side of Escherion to fight the players.

Mirror Realm Escherion

In the Mirror Realm, Escherion is a member of Drakath's Lords of Order. His cloak is white instead of purple.


NOTE: The hero must attack and defeat the Staff of Inversion if the hero wants to attack Escherion.



  • Escherion is named after M.C Escher and his chaotic art.
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