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EbilCorp is an organization in AdventureQuest Worlds.


EbilCorp is a corporate company that is described to be "a name you (can't) trust."

EbilCorp was behind the project "Operation: Gameocide" which involved the invasion by millions of Chairman Platinum's evil robotic minions and monsters on all six of Artix Entertainment's games with the aim of completely destroying Artix Entertainment's game network. The players were able to thwart EbilCorp's plans in all six games in seven days.

At the time when EbilCorp was doing a Black Friday sale where they were selling eWatches and ePhones, anyone who bought them were turned into Hypnotized Shoppers and those who worked on Black Friday were enslaved to work for EbilCorp with no break. When the players and Twilly suspect Chairman Platinum for being behind this, they are approached by Chairman Platinum. He tells them that Zorbak in his alias of Mr. Z felt that EbilCorp wasn't living up to his name and had Chairman Platinum voted off EbilCorp's board of directors. This leads the players into fighting the BOGOdrones, Deal Bot 2.0, and Executive Assistant Vordred. Following the defeat of Mr. Z and his BOGOdrone Prime, the players have noticed that Chairman Platinum has disappeared as Twilly starts shopping on as part of Cyber Monday as he doesn't see any badness in that. Chairman Platinum is then shown on a beach somewhere on his laptop where it is shown that he has established Slamazon as it's CEO.

EbilCorp later set up it's headquarters at Dreadrock Citadel.


  • Chairman Platinum - CEO
  • Zorbak/Mr. Z - CEO
  • Animal Exploitation Specialist - Runs the Animal Exploitation Center.
  • Biological Reconstructionist - Provides cyber-augmentation to any ninja, assassin, or terror-clown.
  • EbilCorp Employee - The generic employees of EbilCorp.
  • Executive Assistant Vordred - EbilCorp's version of Vordred who works as Mr. Z's executive assistant.
  • Promotion Drone - Shows the promotions to EbilCorp's new employees.
  • Rare Item Minion - Sells top-quality weaponry and armor made by EbilCorp.

Monster creations

Items of EbilCorp

Armor creations

  • EbilCorp's Muscle - EbilCorp's troopers.
  • EbilCorporate Office Drone - The office workers of EbilCorp.
  • Ebil Symbiote - EbilCorp's version of Evil Symbiote.
  • EC Mach 6 Soldier Armor -

Cape and Back Item creations

  • Ebil Nano-Katana Cape
  • EbilCorp Knight's Cape

Helmets and Hoods creations

  • Ebil Creeper Helm
  • EbilCorp Blast Shield
  • EbilCorp Drone Helm
  • EC Mach 6 Facemas
  • EC Mach 6 Facemask + Scarf
  • EC Mach 6 Hair
  • EC Mach 6 Helm
  • EC Mach 6 Locks
  • EC Mach 6 Mask
  • EC Mach 6 Mask + Locks
  • EC Mach 6 Mask Scarf
  • EC Mach 6 Mask Scarf + Locks
  • EC Mach 6 Scarf
  • EC Mach 6 Scarf + Locks
  • Happy Ebil Creeper Helm

Pet creations

  • BOGOdrone Pet - A pet version of BOGOdrone.
  • BOGOdrone Prime Pet - A pet version of BOGOdrone Prime.
  • Deal Bot 2.0 Pet - A pet version of Deal Bot 2.0.
  • AdventureQuest Balloon Dragon - An EbilCorp dragon made from black and red balloons.
  • Ebil Battle Bot -
  • Ebil RoosterBull - EbilCorp's answer to the Chickencow.

Weapon creations

  • Axe of the EbilCorp Knight
  • EbilCorp Katana
  • EbilCorp Pistols
  • EC Mach 6 Spear
  • EC Mach 6 Sword
  • Overclocked EbilCorp Pistols
  • Tracker Arm Blade


  • EbilCorp was first seen in MechQuest where Zorbak was the CEO under the alias of "Mr. Z" and was in alliance with the Shadowscythe.