Dwarfhold Keep is amazing… despite the multiple brand-new monsters that have invaded! Fight through Glow Worms, Drow Soldiers, Albino Bats and more as you travel deeper and deeper within the caves! I hope you have your sword drawn because these beasts don’t take too kindly to strangers! Also… whatever you do… DON’T FALL down that hole! (What hole?.....ahhhhhh!) Big Bad Boss Look at what you’ve done. I just told you to stay away from that huge hole, and now you’re in for one rough battle. Legend always spoke of a giant cave beast that slumbers in the deepest cave of Dwarfhold Keep. And now you’ve found him. Get out while you still can—he is SO NOT a morning person… er, morning mole. (Is there such a thing? Well, now there is.) http://aqworlds.com/images/fun/dwarfhold/amadeus.jpg

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