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The Dracowerepyre

The Dracowerepyre is the fifth Chaos Beast in AdventureQuest Worlds.


It was originally an ordinary Red Dragon until it was captured by Wolfwing's army of Werepyres and dragged by them towards Wolfwing's lair. At first, Constantin suspected that Wolfwing was planning to feed on the dragon. It soon turns out that, just as Shadowslayer Z discovered, Wolfwing was actually planning to bite the dragon during the Mystic Wolf Moon when his powers were at their strongest. Wolfwing succeeded in doing so, thus transforming the dragon into the Dracowerepyre and therefore destroying the fourth of the seals. Nevertheless, the player succeeds in defeating the Dracowerepyre much to Shadowslayer Z's amazement.



  • Burning Dragon Mace (Member Only)
  • Chaotic Dragon Blade
  • Gold Lycan Skull Staff (Member Only)
  • Gold Lycan Skull Mace
  • Chaotic Dragon Club