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Discordia under Kimberly Freeman's control.

Discordia unmasked.

Discordia is musician from Mythsong Canyon who was hypnotized into attacking his home.


Discordia is a musician who has been working on the ultimate song that would win him the heart of everyone who heard it. One day, he was approached by a member of the 13 Lords of Chaos, Kimberly Freeman who hypnotized Discordia and made him attack Mythsong. His attack on his own home in Mythsong made everyone think that he was the 6th Lord of Chaos.

He is trying to stop Mythsong Canyon's annual music festival combined with a battle of the bands known as Lorestockapalooza. According to Don Giovanni, Discordia is capable of using his compositions to win not just the hearts and minds of everyone, but control them as well - all that on his own controller Kimberly's commands.

He already controlled the Bruise Brothers Jake and Elwood into commandeering Mozzy Mogbourne's Lead Zeppelin, and controlled the Great Godfather of Souls into setting up Lord Ovthedance by claiming that he cheats in dance contests. His henchman is Faust, a Chaorrupted demon from the Underworld who tricked Don Giovanni into signing his contract.

The story in Don Giovanni's mind suggested that Discordia was approached by Drakath, who offered him a powerful shortcut to which he accepted, although in fact that story would later be proven to be false when Kimberly's true colors were later revealed.

Discordia later had an army of music-controlled Music Pirates and Flying Music Pirates commandeer the Lead Zeppelin in preperation for him awakening Mythsong Canyon's Beast of Chaos located beneath where Lorestockapalooza is going to be held. The players fail to stop the Music Pirates.

Upon the arrival of Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll, the players fight their way through Discordia's house in order to get to Discordia. Upon defeating Discordia, it turns out that Kimberly is the true 6th Lord of Chaos and had set up Discordia. Following the defeat of Kimberly Freeman, Discordia's current status is unknown.


Location: Lorestockapalooza


  • Chaos Rose
  • Discordia Chaos Mask - MEMBER ONLY
  • Discordia Armor - MEMBER ONLY
  • Discordia Chaos Rose - MEMBER ONLY


  • Discordia's appearance, including his mask, along with his speeches, are based on Erik, the titular character of Gaston Leroux's novel "The Phantom of the Opera".
  • Even though his name is "Chaos Lord Discordia" he was in fact not a chaos lord or even a chaos beast, merely a decoy employed by Kimberly Freeman.
  • Even though he's not really a Chaos Lord, he still drops the Void Spheres for the Null and Void Spheres quest.
  • Later-released boss monsters, including Ledgermayne, Tibicenas, and Ultra-Tibicenas, were also built on his animations and even got his screaming face upon defeat.