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History in Game

Daimyo is Artix's pomeranian that enjoys slaying undead. He originally appeared in AdventureQuest, Artix Entertainment's first online game, as a helper that could be summoned by a Level Six Paladin. Daimyo also made an appearance in DragonFable by leading the player to the well in the Well, Well, Well Quest. In AdventureQuest Worlds, players have often seen Daimyo by Artix's side in pictures depicting a new release. He was released for one day only in Aria's Pet Shop on June 28, 2009. June 28 is also Daimyo's birthday.

Daimyo seems to enjoy bones of all kinds...


Legend says that Daimyo was the leader of a country in turmoil to the far East. Then, an evil witch cursed him to remain a dog until the day came that he completed a difficult quest.

Daimyo in real life...