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Dage the Evil

Dage the Evil is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Dage the Evil was once a King and a power-mad necromancer who signed Nulgath's contract and rode the fast lane to even more strength. Eventually the time came for Dage the Evil (like all others before him) to pay for the contract that Nulgath gave him. Dage used his knowledge to bind part of his soul to an armor of his construct. The remnant lives on in that armor and still remembers its past life.

Back when Dage was a lich, Nulgath instructed The Commandant to train him. Dage the Evil learned under The Commandant who had fought the Newborn Fiends, Hex Fiends, and a Fiend Champion. When Dage the Evil became a companion to The Commandant, they dealt with the Doomknight Scarvitus and his army of Doombringers and Doom Wraiths. Then they had to deal with the traitorous fiend Baelgar and the Void Fiends that are on his side in the Seven Circles. One day, Dage the Evil started to go against Nulgath by starting an army of Nation Defectors and Proto-Legion Knights. The Commandant fell in battle against Dage the Evil to took his soul to be of use to him. This did not bode well for Nulgath who assumed his current form and vowed to make Dage the Evil pay for this.

At some point, Dage the Evil faced off against the lich Vilkas Blightbringer when they were searching for the Book of Dark Doors in Ravenscar. Attracted to Rand's rage at the attack caused by Blightbringer's undead army, Dage the Evil offered him a deal to get rid of Blightbringer. When Rand defeats Shadowman and gains access to Blightbringer's lair, he manages to slay Blightbringer and gain the green ball of energy that came from Blightbringer. Not wanting Rand to be his latest competitor, Dage the Evil turns Rand into an undead while absorbing Rand's soul into his body. In addition, Dage the Evil has made Rand the first soldier of his Undead Legion.

Accompanied by Commander Rand, Dage the Evil worked to expand the Undead Legion. His first stop was to recruit his old friend Graython while fighting the Dark Makai and Dreadfiends. Unfortunately, Nulgath got to Graython first and Dage the Evil was forced to kill him. His next stop is an island where Dage the Evil fought Scared Wildcats and Spooked Eagles as he draws out the Nuckelavee. Dage the Evil defeated it and got it into the Undead Legion. Dage the Evil's next stop was a Nation Outpost where he fought Bloodfiends and Infernalfiends before engaging his old rival Samaras. Dage the Evil defeated him and had Commander Rand take Samaras to the dungeons to be tortured for information. His final stop was the Yokai Realm to recruit the rogue Shinigami Hebimaru. After defeating the Funa-Yurei and Hebimaru's Shadow Clones, Dage the Evil engaged Hebimaru in battle. When defeated, Hebimaru stated to Dage the Evil that Nulgath tried to recruit him and failed. Dage the Evil states that the Undead Legion is different from the Nulgath Nation as they obtain power for everyone in the Undead Legion. Hebimaru states that he will see how strong the Undead Legion is before officially siding with him. Commander Rand informs Dage the Evil that the Nulgath Nation is attacking one of their outposts. Dage the Evil orders him to send the Undead Legends to take care of the attacker. They do so only to find that Nulgath is leading the attack as he takes out some of the Undead Legends stating that if Dage the Evil wants a war, he's got a war.

Dage the Evil came under the services of the Shadowscythe and was loyal to Sepulchure. When Sepulchure was killed by Drakath, Dage the Evil was loyal to Gravelyn.

After reality is restored from the alternate timeline caused by Drakath, Nulgath and Dage the Evil catch up to the group as Gravelyn tells them, Sally, and Noxus that the Shadowscythe Army will hunt down Drakath and make him pay for what he did to Sepulchure.

Dage the Evil later goes to war against Nulgath. Dage is served in this war by his general Rogath, his mad scientist Laken, the Blade Master, and an Undead Legend. Dage's army consists of Skeletal Warriors, Skull Warriors, Undead Infantries, Undead Bruisers, and Legion Fenrirs. Dage the Evil managed to secure the Oblivion Gate and traps Nulgath in the peaceful part of the Underworld. Nulgath claims that Dage the Evil unknowingly left him a gift as he begins his next plot.

Dage the Evil sends his chef Goredon Rampage into infiltrating Battleon's Harvest Day event and cooking up a meal that would enable his Undead Legion to harvest the souls of the poisoned. Despite the players defeating Goredon Rampage and his Abomineator form, Dage the Evil was successful in his plot.

When the Frozen Flame that contains the soul of a powerful queen who was cast aside by Dage the Evil is thrown into the Fotia Volcano, it releases the soul as it plans to have revenge on Dage the Evil. Traveling through the Fields of Asphodel, it becomes Scoern starts causing all the female souls to chant "Dage Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorn." The players had to fight the Judges of the Underworld (consisting of Rhadamanthys, Minos, and Aeacus) in order to get admittance to Dage the Evil's fortress. Once that was done, the players learn that Scorn is in Dage the Evil's fortress turning many of Dage the Evil's minions on the player. Upon Scorn escaping following the players defeating Grrberus, the players meet with Dage the Evil as they plan to capture Scorn.

Dage the Evil learns from his servant Envy that the players have arrived at the Order of the Seraphic Paladins. During this time, the Undead Legion had infiltrated the Order of Seraphic Paladins due to Adventus' dealings with Dage the Evil. When the players defeat Adventus, he escapes out the window only to be confronted by Laken who disposes of Adventus and infiltrates the Order of the Seraphic Paladins on Dage the Evil's behalf while claiming to have defected. Dage the Evil is shown to have ownership of the Forgotten Tomb as the players are sent to steal the Dark Shard that contains Dage the Evil's soul fragment which are watched over by his minions Brutus and Vincenzo. Envy later stole the Dark Shard and captured Darkon.

When the players are also captured after fighting her, Envy plans to overthrow Dage the Evil and take over the Undead Legion. When Ava knocks out Envy and frees the players and Darkon, Envy assumes the form of the Queen of Envy where she is defeated. Upon the players and Ada claiming the Dark Shroud following Darkon getting badley wounded, J6 shoots the chains that ties the Queen of Fury to Dage the Evil and orders the players and Ava to flee as he has Darkon initiate Protocol 6 which destroys the Queen of Envy's lair.

A full-armored Laken from an alternate future arrives in the present and enlists the players and Dage the Evil into helping him in the alternate future where Future Dage has reunited his soul, eliminated Nulgath, and taken over all of Lore wih his army of undead soldiers who have cybernetics grafted to them. The players and Dage the Evil help Laken fight SF3017 Blades, SF3017 Gunners, UW3017 Blasters, and UW3017 Gunners. After infiltrating the bunker and claiming the souls to the portal from Commander Agravh, Commander Uslaw, Commander Ozar, and Commander Pavon, Dage the Evil uses them to activate the portal in order to take them to Future Dage's Legion Dreadnought. After the players defeat the Legionator, Dage the Evil absorbs it's soul. Future Dage finds out about what happen and sends his army of SF3017 Paragonators and SF3017 ProtoBlasters led by SF3017 Shogun. After besting SPF3017, the players and Dage the Evil fight Future Dage. Afterwards, Laken and Dage the Evil seal Future Dage's soul into Future Dage's sword.

Dage the Evil later took the players to the Void Vault to obtain his soul and his contract. Upon gaining the services of a Void Minion named Zep, he guides the players and Dage the Evil through the Void where they search for Dage the Evil's soul and his contract so that Dage the Evil can be free of Nulgath. The players had to fight Void Elemental #2, Void Knights, Void Makai, and Void Monks. After besting Void Wyrm, the players and Dage the Evil find the other half of Dage the Evil's soul amongst the Wandering Souls. After the players make their way to the library area and find Dage the Evil's contract, Zep assumes his true form of Zeph'gorog to prevent the players from making off with it. With help from Dage the Evil, the players fight Zeph'gorog and defeat him. Not wanting to go down the path of Future Dage, Dage the Evil spares Zeph'gorog's life as he and the players plan to reclaim the Dark Shard from Laken.

After the players defeat the Core Guardian at the sight of the World Soul, Dage the Evil arrives with Rayce and the rest of his soldiers where he seeks to take the Dark Shard from Laken and not go down a dark path. This drives Laken insane as he plots to lead the Order of the Seraphic Paladins into attacking. When the players defeat Supercharged Laken, the war event shows two different endings:

When the players defeat Laken, Dage the Evil claims the weaponized Dark Shard. Ada goes to Laken's side as he declines being healed since most of him is already gone. Before dying, he tells Ada to remember what he taught her. After Laken dies and his soul splits into two before disappearing, Ada vows to have revenge on the players and Dage the Evil.

After Laken was badly wounded, Ada cuts a a deal with Rayce to save his life. Rayce does that by exchanging Ada's soul for Laken's soul which results in Ada dying and Laken being healed. Laken blames the players and Dage the Evil for her death. After leaving the weaponized Dark Shard for the players while planning revenge, Dage the Evil claims the weaponized Dark Shard and claims that Nulgath no longer has power over him.

Dage the Evil was later contacted by Malgor for an alliance to bring peace to Lore so that no more fighting can occur. Due to his previous experience in the future, Dage the Evil turned him down. This caused Malgor to send a bunch of Shadows into the Underworld while swaying the strategist Underfiend to his side as well as creating some Legion Defectors. The players also obtained some flame from the Frozen Pyromancer in order to cleanse the souls of the fallen. The players were able to defeat Underfiend. Before being killed by Dage the Evil, Underfiend states that familiar characters are joining the battle. Malgor next cut a deal with Nulgath to retake the Underworld with an army of Shadow Makai, Shadow Voids, and Shadowblades. Nulgath then corrupted the Soul Forge with Malgor's shadows. With help from Frozen Pyromancer, the players obtained the Underflame from the Underflame Guardian to relight the Soul Forge. Nulgath then attacked the players as Shadowflame Nulgath. When the players defeat Shadowflame Nulgath enough to regress him back to Nulgath, he saw that Malgor plans to bring about his peace by also destroying the Underworld and the Void. This causes Dage the Evil and Nulgath to put aside their differences for now in order to deal with Malgor's forces.

Mirror Realm

In the Mirror Realm, Dage the Evil is Dage the Good who has become the undisputed champion of all things good and noble ever since the archangel Nulgath was sucked into an alternate dimension while trying to seal a rift.

AdventureQuest Worlds: Zombies

In the alternate timeline caused by Drakath, Dage the Evil, Noxus, and Nulgath join Zombie King Alteon into bowing before Sepulchure after he managed to slay Death and cause everyone who recently died to return as Zombies that obey his every command.


Level 40 version

  • Location: Dark Fortress
  • Level: 50
  • HP: 18,620
  • MP: 100

Level 50

  • Location: EbilCorp HQ
  • Level: 50
  • HP: 70,000
  • MP: 100

Level 90

  • Location: Splatter War Shrade
  • Level: 90
  • HP: 97,700
  • MP: 100

Level 255

  • Location: Dage PvP
  • 'Level: 255
  • HP: 80,000
  • MP: 100


Level 40 version

  • Awakened Lich King Statue
  • Chained Lich King Statue
  • Cowl of Thanatos
  • Crystal of Control
  • Dage Cake
  • Evil Pixel Cape
  • Treasure Chest
  • Ultra Shifting Plane Gem
  • Wings of Thanatos

Level 50 version

Level 90 version

  • Dark Enigma Puzzlebox
  • Hargoyle Portrait
  • Horrified Enigma Puzzlebox
  • Treasure Chest
  • Underworld Shrade
  • Underworld Shrade Axe
  • Underworld Shrade Helm
  • Underworld Shrade Minion
  • Well-wet Hair

Level 255

Important Text

Ah, Hero, you finally made it to Shadowfall. The Undead Legion has heard countless stories of your great power. On behalf of the Legion, we would like to propose our greatest minion with the distinguished Undead Warrior Armor upgrade.

After Completing Quests

The Undead Legion knows of your dedicated deeds. You would make a formidable Undead Champion. The Dark Lord of the Undead Legion welcomes you.


  • Artisit Alley
  • BattleCon (Location)
  • Battleon Seasonal
  • Dark Winter Seasonal
  • Evil War Dage Rare
  • Future War - Dage Seasonal
  • Ravenscar
  • Shadowfall
  • Stream Rare
  • Underworld Void Seasonal
  • Underworld



  • NPC version of the moderator and game designer, Dage the Evil.
  • The armor Dage wears is a beefed-up version of Undead Champion (Armor). Going against contrary belief, during his birthday, he does not have Undead Legion Overlord, but rather Paragon, as confirmed by Dage on his Twitter).
  • He now wears a new armor for his birthday.
  • The Frozen/Undead Legion is an homage to "The Burning Legion" and the "Undead Scourge" from World of Warcraft.
  • All of Dage's champion quests have weapons that only drop at one percent with the exception of the Corrupted Dragon Slayer which drops at 5%.



  • Rare: Mod Birthday Shop.
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