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Cursed Doubloon.png

Cursed Doubloon is Quest Item needed to complete Voltaire's Quests

Dropped by

Undead Pirate

Braken Tentacle

Braken Head


Beast of Pirate's Bay


Pirate Hat Requires 5 : Pirate Hat 1 Rewarded

Pirate Cutlass Requires 15 : Undead Pirate's Cutlass Rewarded

Undead Pirate's Guitar Requires 25 (members only) : Undead Pirate Guitar Rewarded

Holy Scuba Gear Requires 35 : Holy Scuba Gear Rewarded

Deep Diver Helmet Requires 20 : Deep Diver Helmet Rewarded

Braken Bass Requires 25 : Braken Bass Rewarded

Ghost Ship in a Bottle Requires 15 : Ghost Ship in a Bottle Rewarded

Trident of Storms Requires 40 : Trident of Storms Rewarded

Fishy Guitar Requires 25 : Fishy Guitar Rewarded

Fishbone Head Requires 20 : Fishbone Head Rewarded