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Curry is an NPC in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Curry is the manager of the SleuthHound Inn. He welcomes the players when they have been invited as a guest during it's grand reopening.

When a mysterious force causes all the Chairs, Bookcases, and Tables to become possess, Curry turns to the players to help solve this mystery and find out which of the six guests is responsible.

When the players and Curry find the culprit, they unmask the culprit to be Harmoire who ends up attacking them. After the players defeated Harmoire who ends up escaping, Curry thanks the players and gives them a lifetime pass to the SleuthHound Inn so that they can stay here for free...especially in the event that Harmoire returns.


  • Curry is modeled after Tim Curry who played Wadsworth in the film Clue.