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Constantin at the Wargrounds

Constantin is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Constantin is the new King of Werewolves in Darkovia by killing the old King of Werewolves. He wanted the hero/player to kill Wolfwing so that Darkovia would be free. He also once wanted to fight the vampires until Wolfwing arived in Darkovia which caused the players to arrange a truce between Constantin and Safiria.

The players as the 13th Lord of Chaos trick Safira and Constantin into thinking the other will attack the other. Both sides fought until one of Constantin's soldiers managed to slay Safira.

When the army from the Infernal Realm attacks Darkovia, Constantin's werewolves and the vampires led by Safiria's niece Lady Solani had to evacuate. While Lady Solani and her vampires are taken to safety by Bonnie Blood, Constantin and his werewolves had to travel incognito.

Constantin was among the characters that were invited to Count Maxius' party and became one of his trapped victims. After escaping Gehenna with the help of Safiria's ghost, the players find him being controlled by the music and free him. Afterwards, he helps free Kimberly Freeman and Voltaire while the players break the mind-control on Bubble and the other Bubble. When the players defeat Count Maxius who sacrifices himself as part of the ritual that will bring his castle back from Gehenna for good, Safiria's ghost plans to complete the ritual as Constantin tells her that he will keep an eye on her.

As Safiria begins her ritual, Constantin plans to stop this war to prevent Safiria's possible return as he tells Lady Solani about it. Constantin and his Midnight Assassin scout Saros lead their army of Lunar Blazebinders, Lycan Shamans, and Midnight Assassins against the BloodFang General Rayne and her army of Blood Guardians, Crypt Guardians, and Vampiric Knights. When the players defeat an enraged Constantin, Safiria returns from Gehenna as the ritual is complete and the blood moon sets. Lady Solani breaks up their dispute stating that they need both sides to deal with a common threat. While Safiria tells Lady Solani that she will hold her accountable if this truce fails, Constantin tells Lady Solani that they might regret Safiria's return.



  • Location: Blood Moon
  • Level: 45
  • HP: 13,022
  • MP: 100

Enraged Constantine

  • Location: Blood War (vampire side)
  • Level: 50
  • HP: 124,826
  • MP: 100



Enraged Constantin

  • Blood Guardian Daggers
  • Blood Guardian Hair
  • Safiria's Blood Moon Painting
  • Safiria Tribute Armor
  • Treasure Chest
  • Vampiric Knight Beard
  • Vampiric Knight Hair
  • Vampiric Knight Locks
  • Vampiric Knight Winged Hair
  • Vampiric Knight Winged Locks
  • Vampiric Knight Winglet Cape
  • Vampiric Knight Winglets