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Description: Calafalas is the church elder at the church in Willow Creek.


  • Tempestuous Time:

Description: The farmers are having a meeting. They plan to attack the Drakel Dwarfs in the morning. Although, with the information you gave me I don't think the Dwakels have anything to do with it. Please- keep looking. I fear you are the only who can avert this oncoming battle. Take this map of the Woods and expand your investigation. The answer may be found outside of town...

Items required: 1 Mystery Clue

Rewards: 200 gold, 200 xp, Scroll of Thanks (quest item)

  • The Bone?

Description: A... werewolf? A giant werewolf? My goodness, what could this mean? Please... go look for him again, if you can retrieve some fur, perhaps we will be able to cure this unfortunate individual in the future...

Items required: 5 Werewolf fur

Rewards: 100 gold, 100 xp, Black Wolf (pet).

NOTE: Previously, the Dark Wolf would be obtained instead of the Black Wolf as a reward for 'The Bone?'. The Dark Wolf is now rare and was the only pet non-members could equip.

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