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Chaos Sphinx

The Chaos Sphinx is the eighth Chaos Beast in AdventureQuest Worlds.


The Chaos Sphinx is the greatest monster of the Sandsea, resting in the Sand Castle since ancient times. The hedge-mage Zahart was searching for something he could use to resurrect the Sphinx, with the help of his Djinn Tibicenas.

After a slave uncovered a red diamond that acted as the Heart of the Sphinx (which had been literally lost in the sands of time) and showed it to Zahart, he had Tibicenas dispose of the slave as his reward and placed the Sphinx's heart into its necklace, awakening it from its ancient slumber and transforming it from stone to flesh. Later, the players and Zhoom arrived just in time to battle against the Sphinx. After defeating the Chaos Sphinx, they attacked its heart. Zhoom's bow was futile in attempting to knock it out of its necklace, but the players with one hard swing of their weapon up close were easily able to knock the heart out of the necklace, reverting the Chaos Sphinx back to its harmless stone state.


  • Location: Sand Castle
  • Level: 40
  • HP: 74401
  • MP: 100