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Chaos Finale is Lore's biggest fight since the rise of Chaos. It begins when The Hero arrives at Mount Doomskull to confront Drakath. It ushered in the World War Lore event with The Hero in command after Drakath made him the 13th Chaos Lord and returned to destroy his world. World War Lore has almost destroyed all Lore including Battleon and countless other lands. The factions must allied with each other and join the Alliance to survive this battle with Chaos. Many sacrifices were made in this battle in exchange for victory over Chaos including the forces of the Mirror Realm, innocent civilians, Khasaanda, Stalagbite, Safiria, and even Death. In this war The Hero discovered his true identity and understood Drakath's life and why Drakath became the cruel Champion of Chaos and had the power to rival the god. After the Portal of Chaos opened, the Queen of Monsters has rise and once again Lore faced a new threat greater than Drakath.

Identity Of The 13th Chaos Lord

The Hero stands at the foot of Mount Doomskull

After nearly 6 years of fighting against Chaos and defeating 12 of Drakath's 13 Lords of Chaos. That fateful day has finally come. The Hero arrives at Mount Doomskull and prepares to go to top of this mountain the summit to fight Drakath. Drakath at the top of the mountain said that he had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

After battling all the way to the top of Mount Doomskull, The Hero of Battleon at last confronted Drakath and, enraged at him for all the pain and suffering that Chaos has caused to everyone up to that point, tried to make him pay for what he had done. Drakath tells The Hero that he is more than capable of destroying everything The Hero loves with one blow and he promises that after The Hero is defeated, he will reveal to him who the 13th Chaos Lord is.

Drakath transform The Hero to 13th Lord of Chaos

Drakath was too powerful, and was about to deal the final blow and defeat The Hero, only for them to remind Drakath that he promised to reveal the identity of the 13th Lord of Chaos. Drakath agreed, and chose The Hero as the 13th Lord of Chaos, transforming them into one out of the 13th Lord's four choosable classes (Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Healer).

World War Lore

13th Lord of Chaos and his Chaos Army prepare to conquer Lore

After The Hero became the 13th Chaos Lord. He led the Chaos army and began his expedition, the goal of which was to destroy all Lore. The first target is Willow Creek. The Hero's power was so strong that the Pactagonal Knights of Willow Creek had to say that the 13th Chaos Lord was a far greater threat than the previous Chaos Lords. After defeating Willow Creek, The Hero it had Chaos Challenger help destroy it even more before leaving.

Afterwards The Hero and his Chaos army traveled to Doom Wood and burnt it down and destroyed the Lightguard Keep for good measure.

Safiria's death

The Hero then went to Darkovia and manipulated a vampire solider into getting Queen Safiria suspicious of the lycans when she wanted to ally with them to defeat The Hero. The Hero then got the vampire solider to manipulate both the werewolves and the vampires into believing that the opposing side has allied with The Hero and Chaos. This caused Safria and Constantin to wage war against each other and because of this Safiria and all of the people she turned into vampires died (10 million vampires to be exact). The Hero was proud of this and decided to move on to the Dragon lair.

13th Lord Of Chaos Summon his Chaos Beast - Eternal Dragon Of Time

The situation became more and more serious, so Mirror Realm's forces also came to support the Alliance to fight against The Hero's Chaos Army. Gravelyn gathered up the Alliance army to help stall The Hero and his army in the Dragon lair so Shadowfall can rise again. The entire Alliance force surrounded Dragon Lair to prevent The Hero from getting inside. But the power of Chaos Army was too great, in the end Alliance failed. The Hero went into the lair and unleashed the 13th Chaos Beast - Eternal Dragon of Time from it's egg . Mad with power, The Hero decided to summon the other 12 Chaos Beasts as well. Meanwhile Artix and Gravelyn both swore to King Alteon to keep what The Hero truly is a secret until the right time but now they both think that it is finally time to reveal it to him. Back at the lair The Hero gained a god complex and decided to try to kill Drakath, become the next Champion of Chaos, and take over the world all the while cackling psychotically.

Drakath take out the heart of Eternal Dragon Of Time

Afterwards The Hero invaded his hometown Battleon. After conquering Battleon The Hero goes and confronts Drakath. Drakath is shocked to find out that The Hero has found their powers and then goes on to say that The Hero doesn't even know who The Hero really is. The Hero then replies saying that they are the 13th Lord and they and their Chaos Beast have done what no other could do. Drakath then reveals that The Hero is Eternal Dragon of Time and when The Hero summoned the 13th beast they unlocked their full powers. He explains that when Galanoth slew The Hero in their dragon form the world was reborn and they wandered Lore not knowing who they were or how to get their powers. The Hero then transforms into Eternal Dragon of Time and then remembers everything. Suddenly Eternal Dragon of Time realizes Drakath is going to kill them. With enormous strength that could rival even Avatars, Drakath charged forward to fight the Eternal Dragon of Time and easily lifted him into the sky, Drakath threw the Eternal Dragon of Time down and used his sword to shoot a single shot giant Chaos orb towards Eternal Dragon of Time. After that attack, The Hero was defeated. Drakath then grabs the dragons heart and before destroying them tells him that the portal is completed by all 13 Chaos Beasts being summoned and the portal is opened by all 13 Chaos Lords being defeated. Drakath says he is so strong that even death awaits. Then Drakath decided to tell The Hero about his journey to become Champion of Chaos.

Drakath's Story

King Slugwrath gave Drakath Chaos Amulet

Several decades ago, Drakath was once the prince and the rightful heir to the entire kingdom. But fate's cruel on him, his father King Slugwrath was a tyrant, a cruel and unpopular king. After a long reign, a hero rose up and stood up against King Slugwarth, Alden later known as King Alteon. King Alteon with his bravery and strength, he along with his comrades and soldiers, attacked King Slugwrath's Dreadhaven castle and destroyed all of his forces along with the Dreadhaven General. Knowing he could not win, King Slugwrath gave Drakath a necklace with a horrible eye in the middle and purple. Drakath said that at the time he had no idea what it was and that King Slugwrath had worn it since Drakath was born. King Alteon was benevolent and did not kill Drakath but only banished him from the kingdom because he believed that a child would not pose any threat to the kingdom. Drakath was extremely indignant and after being banished, he formed a group of mercenaries and built up a force with the goal of killing King Alteon and reclaiming the kingdom.

Drakath and Victoria

Drakath builds up forces to become Darkwolf bandits. Victoria during a walk in the forest encountered Drakath's Darkwolf Bandits, she defeated all of Drakath's subordinate bandits, then she fought Drakath. The two of them fought until there was no more strength left to stop. Drakath thinks Victoria is too beautiful for him to kill her, and perhaps she will be by his side when he reclaim the kingdom. Victoria thinks Drakath is too handsome for a bad guy and maybe she can change him. And so they both stopped fighting and hoped to see each other again in the future. In the present, Drakath reveals that after that meeting, he and Victoria were no longer on the same path as he was allied with a Doomknight, is it Sepulchure.

After allying with Sepulchure, Drakath served Sepulchure extremely well, he has earned the trust of Sepulchure for rallying the evil forces that once served his father King Slugwrath, such as Noxus - The Necromancer, Xan - The Pyromancer and Xan's entire flaming legion. And also Sek Duat, the tyrant of the Sandsea desert. Drakath happily served Sepulchure because he had his own intentions to betray Sepulchure and take back what was originally his. The next task that Sepulchure gives Drakath is to collect all 8 Elemental Orbs. Drakath said that he fought Heroes across the lands to find Orbs and that the biggest obstacle was a Dragonlord.

Drakath stab Spulchure

Drakath finally collected all the Orbs. Sepulchure gathers them in his castle and ritually combines them to form the Ultimate Orb. Artix, Warlic, Cysero, and Victoria were all there to stop Sepulchure, but they didn't make it in time. In desperate circumstances, Victoria told Drakath standing behind Sepulchure that he was their only hope right now. Drakath took Sepulchure's sword and stabbed him fatally from behind, Sepulchure immediately fell to his knees and had no strength left to retaliate. Victoria and everyone are very happy that Drakath did it, but it turns out that Drakath did it on purpose, he knocked down the Sepulchure and absorbed all 8 Orbs and turned into a very powerful dark dragon. Victoria tried to scream to stop him but failed.

Drakath become the Champion Of Chaos

The battle is not depicted but Drakath has been defeated and is lying on the ground alone waiting to die. Just when it seemed all hope was lost, the eye on the necklace that King Slugwrath gave Drakath opened and he risked his life to look directly into the eye. Drakath saw the madness in that eye, he heard the voice of the Queen of Monsters that had taken control of his mind, becoming a part of him. In exchange for god's power, all that the Queen of Monsters asked Drakath to do was her freedom. Drakath asked how to free her, all she got in response was mad laughter and Drakath became the Champion of Chaos. After becoming Champion of Chaos, Drakath wandered around and found himself capable of giving his powers to others. After hearing that Sepulchure and King Alteon were about to launch the final battle between good and evil, Drakath intervened in the fight and defeated the two. After he finished telling his entire story, Drakath said that now it's time to fulfill his responsibility towards the person who saved his life, he will free the Queen of Monsters. Drakath crushes the soul and kills Eternal Dragon of Time, sending its soul to to Underworld.

The Determination Of Gravelyn And The Hero

Shadowfall castle fly again

The Chaos portal opens and a massive Chaos army rushes out. The Hero is transported to the Underworld and greeted by Death. The Hero wants to respawn but Death won't allow it saying that The Hero is dead dead. The Hero still looks for a way to escape and return to the land of the living. Meanwhile Gravelyn has raised her army and is attempting to raise back the flying Dracolich castle. The Hero runs into Nulgath in the Underworld who says that he can get The Hero out of the Underworld if they sign a contract. The Hero agreed and able to help with some of the power to add more power to the magic to revive Shadowfall fortress, after many failed attempts, Shadowfall successfully fly again and Gravelyn took the lead Shadowscythe forces battled Drakath's oncoming Chaos army.

Drakath defeat Gravelyn

Gravelyn raises the castle and flies to Mount Doomskull to attack Drakath. Nulgath told The Hero that the terms of their contract hadn't ended yet, so Nulgath's request to The Hero was that he kill Death. The Hero was surprised and he asked what would happen if Death died, Nulgath said that even he didn't know so it would be fun to see Death die. Gravelyn's army battles the Chaos army while she attempts to collide and destroy the Chaos portal. Chaos Dragonlords attack the Dracolich castle but are held back by Skyguard airships. Drakath says that Gravelyn has been blinded by hatred and she should know that she has no chance of winning this battle. Gravelyn almost reaches the portal but Drakath flies towards it and breaks it apart. Gravelyn furious and wanting revenge for Sepulchure's death, she rushed down and attacked Drakath but unfortunately Drakath was too strong, in a short time Gravelyn was completely defeated and Drakath strike her almost fell down the mountain, fortunately she caught hold of a corner to hold back.

Death's death

Meanwhile in the Underworld, The Hero has come to face Death. Death says that The Hero has no chance of winning but The Hero also says that it might be, but not this time. After an extremely difficult fight, The Hero killed Death and became the new Death. When he left the Underworld and returned to Lore, it was too late, in front of him the entire Alliance was destroyed by Drakath.

The Final Battle With Drakath

The Hero save Gravelyn

Unable to accept the sight before him, The Hero used his Eternal Dragon of Time powers to go back in time to when Gravelyn had just been defeated and he had just finished defeating Death. With his current colossal strength combined with the powers of the 13th Lord of Chaos, Eternal Dragon of Time and Death, The Hero sprouted Death's wings and flew out of the Underworld at tremendous speed, in just a moment He soon flew to Mount Doomskull and save Gravelyn as she clung to the corner of the ridge. The Hero's power was so bright that Gravelyn couldn't see it clearly, but she still recognized it as The Hero and was surprised that he was still alive. Drakath said that The Hero defeated Death and came back here to face him. The Hero says that he is the ending of Drakath. Drakath says that there is no end and fight with The Hero.

The Hero became very strong and was able to fight on par with Drakath, he even cut off one of Drakath's wing. Drakath expressed pain and stated that he did not need wings to kill The Hero, then slashed The Hero towards Gravelyn and called Desolich to appear to fight along with him. Drakath then creates copies of himself to fight The Hero.

Drakath Vs Vordred

The Hero defeats all of Drakath's copies, while Stratos and his Skyguard ship fly to help, The Hero jumps on the ship and Stratos orders to aim all the cannons on the ship at Drakath but The Hero stops Stratos because Drakath is rushing to the ship. Drakath jumps to the ship and turns all Skyguards on board into Chaos and attacks The Hero. While Drakath was extremely complacent, Sally appeared from the Shadowfall castle and summoned Vordred to fight Drakath. Vordred rushes and knocks Drakath down the mountain, Drakath is too strong for Vordred, he wields a Chaos ball and shoots at Vordred, shattering Vordred into a thousand pieces. Drakath then jumps on Desolich and says that The Hero and his allies have no idea how strong he is.

Drakath kill Stalagbite

The Hero defeated the Chaotic Skyguards and was on Stratos ship that flew into the crevices of a mountain. Drakath rode Desolich and wielded his sword to split the mountain in half causing rocks to fall and hit Stratos ship. The Hero jumped out of the ship and sprouted his death wings and ride to Stalagbite. The Hero approached and jumped behind Desolich but unfortunately he was caught by it. The Hero struggled to get out of Desolich's mouth, then he fell off a nearby cliff. Drakath was complacent with his power and fired a Chaos orb, killing Stalagbite instantly.

Drakath and The Hero fight on par

Drakath dashed to the floating ledge where The Hero was standing and pushed him to the bottom of the cliff. While falling, the two continued to fight without giving way to anyone and equally, they were fighting when they hit the cliff in the middle of the road and separated. The Hero falls to a place where he can place his feet and he immediately grows wings and flies to a higher position. Drakath fell out of control and fell into a land of Chaos where Khasaanda was being held. Khasaanda breaks the chains and tells Drakath that she will die before Drakath kills her so that Drakath can never enter the Realm of Chaos. Drakath says Khasaanda never obeyed and its time for her to face punishment. Drakath uses Chaos energy and easily kills Khasaanda. Escherion in the form of a frog appears and Drakath says that in order for the Queen of Monsters to rise, the Chaos Lords must all die, after which he kills Escherion.

Drakath transform to Prime form

The Hero flew back to the top of Mount Doomskull. Drakath was already there, he said that the game was over, then he transformed into Prime form and engaged The Hero.

Drakath and The Hero fight with full power

Gravelyn save The Hero

Drakath with his overwhelming strength in Prime form completely defeated The Hero. Drakath was extremely angry because no matter how The Hero was knocked down, he still tried to stand up and continue to fight. The Hero says that Drakath will not be able to kill him as long as he is still standing. Then The Hero used all his strength to fight Drakath, Drakath said that The Hero died once so if he died again, it would all be over after that he also used all of it strength to rush to confront The Hero. The two crashed into each other and this confrontation was no less divided, at that moment Gravelyn used her Champion of Light power from behind, she sprouted white wings and said that this fight was hers. The Hero heard Gravelyn's voice and was distracted, Drakath aimed for the opportunity and ripped The Hero's wings off and kicked him towards Gravelyn. Gravelyn was so scared that she couldn't hold The Hero in time and he fell off the cliff. She thinks that if she fights Drakath now, there is a chance that she will kill him and report the crate to Sepulchure, but if she fails then The Hero will die and she will not be able to forgive herself. She decided to dive into the abyss and save The Hero, Drakath saw this and flew away.

Queen Of Monsters Rising

Artix and Gravelyn give their Champion power to The Hero

After the end of the battle, Drakath flew to and inside the Portal of Chaos, much of Drakath's power being drained as he passed through that portal. Immediately after the Portal of Chaos is activated, signaling the Queen of Monsters' return, the whole of Lore shakes incessantly, the land crumbles, the ocean foams, the sun disappears giving way to night, volcanoes erupt surge, countless natural disasters occurred consecutively. Gravelyn saved The Hero and they were standing in front of the Portal of Chaos with Artix. Gravelyn stated that Drakath was powerless while passing through the Portal, and Artix also stated that the same would happen to The Hero if he entered the portal. The Hero says that he must take the risk or Lore will be destroyed. Artix and Gravelyn then gave their full Champion powers to The Hero. They say that The Hero will probably lose all of his power when he walks through the Portal, but with the strength of 2 champions plus The Hero's initial strength, it should be enough to fight Drakath. Artix and Gravelyn said they had discussed the situation before. The Hero after receiving the power of Artix and Gravelyn, he said that with this power he could destroy the entire world with one blow. Gravelyn says to keep that power until inside the Portal. Gravelyn states that The Hero must destroy Drakath's Chaos Amulet, which is what binds him to the Queen of Monsters. They say that if The Hero agrees to step through the gate, all his powers will be lost and no matter what The Hero decides, they will always trust him. The Hero bid them farewell and bravely walked through the Portal of Chaos. After entering the Realm of Chaos, The Hero faced all 13 Chaos Lords, Drakath said that the Chaos Lords would tear The Hero to pieces, The Hero also said that he would not leave until Drakath become dust.

Drakath has been defeat

Queen Of Monsters rising

The Hero defeats all 13 Chaos Lords including himself to prove that he has conquered himself. The Hero confronts Drakath, Drakath shoots a Chaos ball at The Hero which he intercepts. The Hero and Drakath rushed each other and this time Drakath was defeated. While lying on the ground from being defeated, Drakath heard the voice of the Queen of Monsters that she had deceived Drakath and abandoned him. Drakath is extremely disappointed and tells The Hero that the Queen of Monsters has escaped, since The Hero arrived she has been out. Drakath says that the Queen may have been out for weeks, months or even years, the Chaos Titan will destroy Lore and the Queen will command them. Drakath had lost all his strength and despaired. The Hero asks if Drakath is on his side. Drakath says from now on he will fight for himself and not for anyone else and he will destroy Queen. The Hero wishes Drakath good luck and he says that his friends at Lore are waiting for him and that he must defeat the Queen of Monsters, after which The Hero leaves the Realm of Chaos. Meanwhile the Queen of Monsters has awakened and is flying above Mount Doomskull. A greater peril has awakened.