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Chaos Beast Attempt

The Chaos Beast Attempt is an attempt at creating a Chaos Beast by Exos.


Exos hired the players (who were disguised as Skyguard Privates working for him) to collect different body parts from creatures such as Rhisons, Subrysas, Tainted Emus, Hootbears and Koalions which would be used in Exos' Beast Merge-o-Matic to create the Chaos Beast Attempt. Exos told the players to leave as he put the finishing touches on his work on the beast. The Chaos Beast attempt has the heads of a Tainted Emu, a Rhison, and a Koalion, the front paws of a Koalion, the torso of a Rhison, small bat-shaped wings on it's back, and the back legs and tail of a Subrysa. After the beast was completed, the beast then attacked Exos causing the players to come destroy it to his horror.


  • Location: Bunker at Skyguard
  • Level: 35
  • HP: 24,525
  • MP: 100


  • Corrupted SkyGuard Captain (Member Only)
  • Steam Engine Daggers


  • The Chaos Beast Attempt is based on the Chimera.