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Chairman Platinum is the CEO of EbilCorp, a corrupt corporate executive who seeks to buy out Artix Entertainment and its gameline.


Chairman Platinum first appeared in AQW on April Fools Day 2012, in which he took over Battleon and had it remodeled in EbilCorp fashion.

In the AdventureQuest Worlds 4th Birthday event (and the 10th Anniversary event for Artix Entertainment's games in general), Platinum took over Battleon again, using it as the base to unleash his true plan "Operation Gameocide" which involved the invasion by millions of his evil robotic minions of all six of Artix Entertainment's games with the aim of completely destroying Artix Entertainment's game network. He had one of his clones pilot the Ebil Mech Dragon to attack the players. The players fought back hard taking down all of his minions and saving all six games in just seven days.

Chairman Platinum led the EbilCorp Ninjas and EbilCorp Shadowscythe into crashing Adam and Michelle's wedding after Brutalcorn was defeated. During this battle, Chairman Platinum piloted the Platinum Mech Dragon into attacking the players. After the Platinum Mech Dragon was defeated, the remaining EbilCorp Ninjas got Chairman Platinum away from the players.

At the time when EbilCorp was doing a Black Friday sale where they were selling eWatches and ePhones, anyone who bought them were turned into Hypnotized Shoppers and those who worked on Black Friday were enslaved to work for EbilCorp with no break. When the players and Twilly suspect Chairman Platinum for being behind this, they are approached by Chairman Platinum. He tells them that Zorbak in his alias of Mr. Z felt that EbilCorp wasn't living up to his name and had Chairman Platinum voted off EbilCorp's board of directors. This leads the players into fighting the BOGOdrones, Deal Bot 2.0, and Executive Assistant Vordred. Following the defeat of Mr. Z and his BOGOdrone Prime, the players have noticed that Chairman Platinum has disappeared as Twilly starts shopping on as part of Cyber Monday as he doesn't see any badness in that. Chairman Platinum is then shown on a beach somewhere on his laptop where it is shown that he has established Slamazon as it's CEO.