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Cellar Guard is a monster in AdventureQuest Worlds.


The Cellar Guard is a Storm Drakel minion of Valsarian who wields a Storm Mace. He was charged with the duty of guarding the cellar in Darkmoor Village where the rubber boots needed to help the enslaved villagers be able to withstand the electric prods of their Storm Drakel Slavers. The players and Galanoth had to defeat the Cellar Guard in order to get the key to the cellar.


  • Location: Pride
  • Level: 45
  • HP: 13,022
  • MP: 100


  • Cellar Guard's Storm Mace
  • Copper Wire
  • Drakel Guard's Prod
  • Drakel Guard Morph
  • Melted Glass
  • Storm Drakel Tail
  • Treasure Chest