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Quest Location: Willow Creek - Chapel

Quests Begun From: Church Elder Calafalas

Quest Requirements: Must have Letter of Recommendation from Willow Creek Quests


Thank you for your kind offer to help us with this mystery. I need to know that I am entrusting the fate of my community into the hands of a competant person. To prove yourself to me, go forth and battle the frogdrakes and giant mosquitos that are in the area. Bring me back 5 Frogdrake's feet and 5 Mosquito Wings. Once you have completed this quest, the Curch Seal will give you full authority to investigate these strange happenings.

Items Required: 5 Frogdrake's Feet, 5 Mosquito Wings

Item Location: Dropped by Mosquito and Frogdrake in Willow Creek.

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 Exp, Church Seal