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Princess Brittany Alteon






King Alteon, father (Deceased)
Lynaria Alteon, mother (Deceased)
Victoria, sister
Tara, sister
Gravelyn, half-sister
Brentan, husband



Princess Brittany is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Princess Brittany is the eldest child of King Alteon and Queen Lynaria Alteon. She has two younger sisters named Tara and Victoria and a long-lost half-sister named Gravelyn (who Lynaria secretly gave birth to through Sepulchure). She was also seen in banquet where she gives you a quest and you can talk to her.

At the Battle Coliseum, some of King Alteon's best warriors fight for her and to become Swordhaven's new general. Having known one of the warriors, Lord Brentan, she wished for him to win. However, Brentan was wounded beforehand and had to take time to recover, leaving the Hero to fight in his stead. Eventually, Brentan recovered and fought the Hero, winning in battle against them. She fell into his arms shortly after his victory.

Royal Wedding

Later, she and Brentan planned to get married. However, in the middle of the ceremony her father started succumbing to the Chaorruption flowing within him as he became the Twelfth Lord of Chaos. She took a blow meant for Brentan and the Hero, dying in Brentan's arms just shortly after being married to him as King Alteon fled the city with the Hero in tow. The Hero chased Alteon through Swordhaven to outside the city, where they fought. In the end, Alteon asked the Hero to kill him.

Following Brittany and King Alteon's deaths, Victoria was sworn in as the new ruler of Swordhaven while Brentan became then acting King of Swordhaven.

Alternate future

In the Time Library in The Span, an alternate future has Princess Brittany as the Queen after King Alteon was killed and Drakath had freed the Queen of Monsters.