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King Brentan the Loyal
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King of Swordhaven
The Loyal


Brittany, wife (Deceased)
King Alteon, father-in-law (Deceased)
Victoria, sister-in-law
Tara, sister-in-law



"She is gone… and so is he. As Swordhaven's Prince - no, KING - I will gather everyone. We WILL stay together and defend our home!"

King Brentan the Loyal is a guardian of the Neverglades and acting ruler of Swordhaven along with his sister-in-law Victoria after the death of his wife Princess Brittany and her Chaorrupted father, King Alteon.


When he was young, he knew Princess Brittany, and she said he used to train at Swordhaven with Sir Valence.

The first time he met the Hero was at the Battle Coliseum, where great warriors have come to fight for the honor to become a General for the army of Swordhaven and for the right to the hand of Princess Brittany. However, Brentan was wounded beforehand, and was forced to have the Hero fight in his stead. By the time he had fully recovered, he faced the Hero. Triumphant, he becomes a new General for Swordhaven's armies.

He and Princess Brittany later marry, officially making him a prince. However, King Alteon starts to give in to his Chaorruption during the ceremony, becoming the Twelfth Lord of Chaos. Nearly being killed by the Chaorrupted king, he was saved by the timely intervention of the Hero. Sadly, as Brittany pleaded with her father to stop, he struck her down. Although he may have been aiming to strike Brentan or the Hero, Brittany took the blow, dying instantly. After King Alteon was killed, he became acting King of Swordhaven with his goal being to reunite Swordhaven.


  • Location: Battle Coliseum
  • Level: 34
  • HP: 29,475
  • MP: 100