Book of Lore

The Book of Lore, or Lore Grimoire as historians like to call it, is a rare magical book that you receive by doing the intro. It supposedly contains the knowledge of how to save the world - or destroy it. It hates reading, but loves comics, manga, and milkshakes - though it is lactose intolerant. There is also a rumor that it ate the Necronomicon, and occasionally belches up pages. To get the Book of Lore, do the all three intro quests. When you find out the orc bookkeeper is an impostor, do the final quest and defeat him and rescue the Book of Lore. After that, you should receive the Book of Lore. To access it, go down and click on the Book button. You can use it to replay cut scenes that you've watched. The Lore Grimoire has also been recently updated to include badges, achievements, and your support of other games by Artix Entertainment. The Book of Lore now has tabs, which to can use to go to other parts of the book, such as the Summary, Story, Quest, Badges, or A.E., which stands for Artix Entertainment. The main page, or summary, introduces the book and shows your class and level. The Story page shows how much of the storyline you have completed, and the Quest page shows your achievments, like the "Ninja!" achievement, which requires you to do all of Mazumi's quests to complete. Then there are the badges, 20 in total, that show various acomplishments and finally A.E., which shows if you're an verified Guardian, Dragonlord, or Star Captain, or if you bought the Save Chuckles T-Shirt. These improvements have made the Lore Grimoire a essential part of all player's arsenals.

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