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Description: Welcome to Blizzy's playground. This is how I have fun during the cold winder days here in Frostvale. With a good, clean and fun Snow Fight! I have setup a couple of things here for you to have fun. If you have a question come to me and I will help you. Thanks again for saving Frostvale and have Fun!


See Snowball Fight Arena.


Ice Cave

  • Moglin Popsicles:
      • Description:

"Blizzy is grateful that you saved him from Frosty...but his friends...are in trouble! They were captured by someone...or something..and encased in ice, like a moglin popsicle! Please free the other 8 moglins that live in this town and bring them back safe."

    • Items required: 8 Moglins
    • Rewards: 150 gold, 150 xp
  • Crystal Spider:
      • Description:

"Wow, you are very strong! Thank you for saving Blizzy's friends! Did you see the scary spiders? They just started lurking in the cave...with their hungry eyes...and who knows when they may attack Frostvale! Please get rid of as many spiders as you can inside the cave. Bring Blizzy back 8 ice spider legs as proof of their extermination."

    • Items required: 6 Spider Legs

Note: Yes! I know. This is a glitch.

    • Rewards: 200 gold, 200 xp
  • Fluffy Bears:
      • Description:

"My friends that were rescued are still very cold from the ice they were trapped in. There are polar bears in the cave that have warm fluffy fur. My friends will be able to make blankets with their fur. The bears have so much fur they won't miss some! The thing is...they won't give the fur without a fight. Can you bring Blizzy 3 patches of fur from the Polar Bears?"

    • Items required: 3 Bear Fur Patches
    • Rewards: 250 gold, 250 xp
  • BlueEyed Beast:
      • Description:

"Oh no! A FROST DRAGON? That's how my friends were captured! Blizzy did hear that Frost Dragons can be...moglactose intolerant. Please get rid of this beast! We want to go back to our peaceful lives and celebrate our big winter tradition again! Bring Blizzy back a scale from the Frost Dragon. This will be your proof that you have defeated the dragon and will be known as a great Hero! You might want to bring some friends."

    • Items required: 1 Frost Dragon Scale
    • Rewards: 300 gold, 300 xp

Toy Factory

  • Trouble Makers:
      • Description:

"The great Frost Dragon has been defeated! Blizzy thought our village would be saved, until it was discovered that the Toy Factory have been overtaken by the devious sneevils! These mischief makers have built evil machines that convert out present into coal. You beat spiders, bears, a horrible dragon and Frosty! The sneevils might be small, but don't overestimate them. Please defeat the sneevils and bring Blizzy back 8 of their tools. This will prevent them for making any more evil machines that destroy our presents!"

    • Items required: 8 Sneevil Tools
    • Rewards: 350 gold, 350 xp
  • Bad Ice Cream:
      • Description:

"Blizzy didn't think that the sneevils would be doing all of their devious work on their own. There are scary snowmen working for the sneevils that seem to be enchanted. There is some sort of magic in their hats that makes them do these evil deeds for the sneevils. Please go to the Toy Factory and overpower the snowmen and take their mind controlling hats so they return to normal! Bring Blizzy back 5 of their snow hats. That way, it can be discovered what kind of magic was used, 'cause Blizzy wants his own snowmen!"

    • Items required: 5 Top Hats
    • Rewards: 400 gold, 400 xp
  • Greedy Sneevil:
      • Description:

"Blizzy has figured out who is the mastermind behind everything that has happened in Frostvale. It's the one and only Ebil Sneezer, the greediest of all sneevils! He is wrapping coal as present to trick everyone and then keeping the real presents for himself! How could someone be so ebil! Let's ruin his plans by putting a frown on his face! Defeat Ebil Sneezer and bring Blizzy back his magic wand so we can send the sneevils away and take over Frostvale one more! Us Frost Moglins won't stand to be made to look ebil in the eyes of Battleon!

    • Items required: 1 Sneezer's Wand
    • Rewards: 500 gold, 500 xp

Members-Only Quest available:

  • Shadow Figure:
      • Description:

"Blizzy just received some dire news! Ebil Sneezer wasn't the mastermind behind the unwelcome happened in Frostvale after all! There is another sinister figure hiding in the shadow... scheming all this... but for what purpose? Dragonmaster! Defeat the FrostScythe and bring back his notebook so the Frost Moglins can find out more about his master plans."

    • Items required: 1 FrostScythe's Scroll
    • Rewards: 600 gold, 600 xp

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