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Klonoa wearing the Beta Berserker.

How to acquire: This was only available to players of the Beta phase, it had to be bought at the token shop which used to be located in Battleon but is no longer avalible And Never Again Will BE!!!!!!


Breaker: Deals weapon DPS as damage and reduces opponents damage output by 50% for 2 actions. Costs 6 MP.

Broadside: (NYI) Deals 70% of weapon damage. Cannot be avoided, but also cannot critical hit. Costs 3 MP.

Lunge: Deals very light damage and cancels opponents next action. Costs 8 MP.

Forgone Conclusion: (NYI) Increases attack speed by 50% for 5 attacks. If opponent dies within 5 attacks, 2AP are gained for each attack that landed while under the effects of Forgone Conclusion. Costs 10 MP.