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Description: "Mad with rage, a Berserker is a warrior fueled by fury!"

How to acquire: Buy from the Upgrade Shop for 5,000 gold.


Breaker: Deals weapon DPS as damage and reduces opponents damage output by 50% for 2 actions. Costs 30 MP.

Broadside: Deals 70% of weapon damage. Cannot be avoided, but also cannot critical hit. Costs 15 MP. at rank 2 you get this skill

Blood for Blood: Deals damage based on the difference between your currect and maximum HP. Costs 30 rank 3 you get this skill

Forgone Conclusion: Increases haste by 25% for 12 seconds. When the affect fades, you will receive a small percentage of damage dealt under its affects ashealth Costs 20 MP. at rank 5 you get this skill