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Belrot the Fiend
Level: 25
HP: 10000
MP: 30
Difficulty: Not Set
Exp: Not Set
Class Points: Not Set
Gold: Not Set
Item and Quest Item Drops:
Item Drops: Not Set
Quest Items: Not Set
Location: Not Set
[[Image:Belrot Card.PNG|thumb|center]]

Belrot the Fiend is a monster in AdventureQuest Worlds


Belrot the Fiend is a monster that feeds off magic energy. He was summoned by the Grand Inquisitor to hunt down every magic user and devour their magic. It was defeated by the players.

Note: This Boss hits very hard (155-164 damage with Normal attacks, 300+ critical.), so bring a lot of people/friends with you to take it down quickly. Defeating him allows access to the Grand Inquisitor.

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