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Beast Maker is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Beast Maker is the master of Sleezter Bunny and the creator of every creature rejects. After Sleezter Bunny failed in his mission that involved hatching a giant undead rabbit monster, Beast Maker decides to take matters into his own hands.

After fighting Beast Makers' Flabberbats and Whablobbles, Voltaire, Deady, and the players follow Sleezter Bunny into the Never World (the home of nightmares in the Shadow Realms) where they find that Beast Maker isn't there and end up fighting his creations Spid-Squiders, Snackistopheles, and Fishizzles. After releasing all of Beast Maker's creations, the players take on Beast Maker. After besting the Beast Maker, the players get the Commander of Unicorn Shield from Voltaire and reflects the sunlight towards the Beast Maker and his creatures. Beast Maker vows to collect monsters and make Lore his. Deady makes a wager involving Sleezter Bunny's head and tail with Beast Maker where if Deady wins, Beast Maker and his creatures go back to the Never World. Beast Maker states that if he wins, he'll get all of Lore. Voltaire tells the players that something good is going to happen by how innocent Deady looks. Sleezter unknowingly knocks himself and Beast Maker back into the portal to the Never World. When the player asks Voltaire if the Commander of Unicorn Shield can help shield Lore from the Never World, Voltaire and the players use the Commander of Unicorn Shield to seal the entrance to the Never World.


  • Location: Never Beast
  • Level: 35
  • HP: 9,937
  • MP: 100


  • Dark Daggers of Shade
  • Female Winged Hair
  • Male Winged Hair
  • Nightfall Caller
  • Odd Eyed
  • Shadow Made
  • Shadow Slasher
  • Treasure Chest