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Bal Gravestorm is the NPC of the Marsh

Description: "Greetings, Hero. This marsh has long been a place of power for those who practice the dark art of Necromancy. Recently, however, it has been invader by a variety of unwanted intruders who are disturbing its aura. If you could help me drive them out, we could reclaim the marsh and restore it to its natural over... which would allow me to continue exploring the mysteries of death far away from prying eyes."


  • Camping Out:
      • Description:

"If we are to spend a night in the marsh, the first thing we need is a fire. A fire will provide light and warmth, both of which will assist in keeping the foul marsh creatures at bay while I work. Venture forth into the Marsh and bring back some Lumber from the native trees, but beware the foul creatures that call this marsh home. (Bring back 8 pieces of lumber to complete this quest)"

    • Rewards: 100 gold, 100 xp
  • Something in the Water:
      • Description:

"The Undead have always been drawn to this Marsh, and no one has ever been able to figure out why. My research, however, suggests that it has something to do with the Marsh Lurkers that make their home here. I suspect that they somehow alter the chemistry of the water to make it poisonous to the living, but irresistible to the Undead. The answer is so close... I just need another 10 Lurker Glands to continue my research. (Return with 10 lurker glands to complete this quest)"

    • Rewards: 100 gold, 100 xp
  • Hair, Tooth and Bone:
      • Description:

"My research is progressing well thus far; however, there are other forces which are disturbing my power. Somewhere in this marsh there are three powerful creatures: a Dark Witch, an ("and" in-game) Undead Berserker, and something known as a Soulseeker. I believe some form of mystic aura binds these three creatures together. If you can, bring me a sample of each: a lock of hair, a tooth, and a finger bone. By studying these items, I hope to define the nature of the force that binds them. (Return with a Witch Hair, Berserker Tooth, and a Soulseeker's fingerbone to complete this quest.)"

    • Rewards: 100 gold, 100 xp
  • Ruined Plans:
      • Description:

"An Orc named Thrax Ironhide has been searching around the ruins which lie deep within the heart of the marsh. He's got some sort of treasure map that he never lets out of his sight. If you can get his map from him maybe he'll just... go home. Please, stop him before he ruins the... uh... ruins. (Return to Bal Gravestorm in the Marsh with Thrax's treasure map.)"

    • Items required:Thrax's treasure map x1
    • Rewards: 200 gold, 200 xp

Members-Only Quest available:

  • Unreadable Map:
      • Description:

"That Thrax Ironhide is very clever for an Orc. He actually coded the map so it would be unreadable. To decode his map it would take me ages without the decoder. Can you bring back the map decoder? Thrax never goes anywhere without it..."

    • Items required: Map decoder
    • Rewards: 100 gold, 100 xp


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