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"Greeting and salutations! I see you like to train as a Paladin? Paladins are knight who defend all that is good in the world, while at the same time defeating evil, dark and undead forces whenever they can be found. As a Paladin you will fight, defend and heal."

Locations: Artix can be found in the Swordhaven Inn with Robina the Hood. During the prologue of the story he can be found at the end of Newbie. During Chapter 1 of the storyline he can be found out in the middle of the town fighting Sepulchure undead forces.

Note: Outside of the game he is the creator of AdventureQuest Worlds and other AdventureQuest titles.


Mirror World Artix

In the Mirror Realm, Undead Artix is an Paladin called Artix and is a servant of King Alteon the Imbalanced.


Undead Invasion

  • Description: "Greetings and salutations! The city is overrun with undead. I think the Doom Knight, Sepulchure is behind this invasion. (At least, that's what he said on the homepage.) They picked the wrong town to mess with! It's time to push them out of the city. Defeat undead minions to earn Slayer Medals. Bring back 20 and I will have your next quest ready for you! (Return to Artix in the Swordhaven Inn with 20 Slayer Medals)"
  • Rewards: 100 gold, 100 xp.

Defend the Gates

  • Description: "More undead are trying to push through the front gates. There is a really big one with them too! We need to hold them off. Take some friends with you and defend the bridge at all costs. Defeat the big one and bring back his weapon to boost the morale of the town! (Return to Artix in Swordhaven Inn with the weapon.)"
  • Items Required: 1 Undead Commander Sword. (Obtained by Defeating the Undead Boss.)
  • Rewards: 100 gold, 100 xp.

Paladin Quest chain.

Artix is also the NPC who is handing out the Paladin Quest chain. These quests appear when you achieve Rank 10 Warrior or Warlord and Rank 10 Healer or Acolyte with Artix's other quests at his location in Swordhaven.

Storyline Quests

  • Description

Sepulchure's army of the undead have overrun the city! They are dropping these bone heads down from his flying castle. It is up to us to stop them! We must protect the people of this city!


Artix also owns an undead hungry pomeranian name Daimyo. Daimyo has often been seen at Artix's side throughout pictures depicting newly released features in the game. Daimyo was temporarily available at Aria's Pet Shop on June 28, 2009, which was Daimyo's birthday.

  • As of March 25,2017,Daimyo passed away.As a tweet from Artix from his twitter,the in-game frogzard fountain at battleontown was replaced by a stone statue of Daimyo,a tribute of his death. His statue is accessable,which the player can buy a statue of him for free,plus you can do daily quest for fountain notes.

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