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"Welcome to my pet shop! We are just opening...again... is anyone else having deja vu?""
— Aria

Aria is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Aria is the owner of a pet shop in Battleon.

During one Harvest Feast, Aria and Yulgar had to find their grandmother who had been chaorrupted into the Grumpy Granny and was the boss of some Bandits. When the players snapped Aria's grandmother out of her chaorrupted state.

At the time when Kolyaban was at large, Aria arrived at the Darkblood's camp in order to study the creatures there. When Aria's pet wolf Lucky ran into the woods after some of the creatures, Aria enlisted the players and Eremon to help find Lucky. When Lucky is found in a reshaped form, the players face off against Lucky and defeat. However, Lucky and Aria disappear in the fog that appeared.

At the Twisted Caverns, the players and Eremon travel through it and encounter various reshaped creatures in order to find Aria as Kolyaban speaks to the players through the Infesting Swarm. Upon the players cutting their way past the Wall of Vines, the players find Aria in a reshapen hybrid state called Twisted Aria where she has a different hairstyle, a centaur-like build with dragon-like front legs and cattle-like back legs, crab claws, antlers, and an unspecified tail. Twisted Aria tells them that Kolyaban has opened her eyes and has given her a copy of her powers where she demonstrates manipulating the ground.Later Revealing That She Is The Champion of Nature. Before taking her leave, Aria creates the Lore Golem from the ground to fight the players.

During the Darkblood Civil War, the players managed to defeat Twisted Aria and throw the potion that Cleric Joy made which freed Twisted Aria from Kolyaban's control. Upon the players defeating Kolyaban, Twisted Aria tried to take revenge on Kolyaban by controlling the rocks to strike her only for Eremon to take the blow. Following Eremon's death and Kolyaban's escape, Twisted Aria remained with Madra to help with the reshaped creatures.

Looking for a way to fix herself, Twisted Aria enlists the help of the shapeshifter Fae who claims that Aria has been touched by the Avatar of Nature. They will enter the portal in the Fable Forest's Guardian Tree in order to get to the Plane of Nature which is one of the child planes of the eight Elemental Planes. When they make their way to the Orb of Nature, they encounter a character named Tera who claims that the Orb of Nature isn't for them as Aria done displays of tempers. Tera then disappears in a cloud of pollen that the players and Twisted Aria had to make their way through. After getting through the pollen clouds and making their way up a tree, the players, Twisted Aria, and Fae encounter Tera who sheds her disguise revealing that she is actually Terrane: Avatar of Nature. While Terrane states that Aria's bond with nature is getting stronger, she puts Aria through a test where she and the players have to defeat Terrane as she transforms into a giant Semiramis bird. Once that was done, Terrane gives the Orb of Nature to Aria who uses it to fix her form into a more human-like shape with pointy ears and small antlers. While Terrane allows Aria to go home to her friends, she states that the path will be open for Aria to learn more from Terrane.

Twisted Aria's Stats

  • Location: Kolyaban (location)
  • Level: 45
  • HP: 22,908
  • MP: 100

Twisted Aria's Drops



See Aria's Pet Shop.

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