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Description: "Greetings to you, Adventurer. So you are interested in the ways of magic? As a Mage, you will be able to harness the mystical energies of the world around you. You will learn to send fire and ice across the field of battle, and will ultimately control the very generation of magical power itself!"


  • Essential Magics:
      • Description:
  • To become a great mage, one must start with the basics. One has to know how to combine natural ingredients so you can create a very powerful potion. Go into the Guru Forest and bring me 2 Leather Wing tails and a Trobble feather.
    • Rewards: 100 gold, 100 xp, 100 rep(if mage equipped)
  • Glimpse of the Dark Side:
      • Description:
  • One thing is to be able to create ones own potion but to be master ones own spells, that is where true power lies. Of course one needs to acquire knowledge even in places non ordinary human dare cross. Go deep into the Marsh and fight the evil that resides there. (Bring me 1 Berserker tooth and 1 Witch hair to complete this quest.)
    • Rewards:100 gold, 100 xp, 150 rep(if mage equipped)
  • Undead Energy:
      • Description:
  • A mage must understand the forces that power both life and death in order to even begin the quest for deeper knowledge of the universe. Go to the Graveyard and bring me Jack Sprat's and 2 of his undead minion's un-life forces.
    • Items Required: Jack Sprat's Un-Life force x1, Undead Un-Life force x2
    • Rewards:200 gold, 200 xp, 200 rep(if mage equipped)
  • Mage Essence:
      • Description:
  • You have proven that you possess the skills necessary to be a true master of the art of wizardry. Recently, the nearby Bludrut Keep has been radiating an evil energy... Which should provide you with an excellent opportunity to practice your skills as you gather ingredients I can use to further my research. Go explore the Keep, and return with the essences of the foul creatures that dwell within it... I believe 5 Rock essences and 5 Fire essences should suffice.
    • Items Required:Rock essence x5, Fire essence x5
    • Rewards:200 gold, 200 xp, 500 rep(if mage equipped)
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